“I think I have a power, too,” Athena said, shocking us all. 

We all turned to her, waiting for her to explain. I could here Xannya thinking, clearly. 

"Well, I hope she can't read minds, one mind reader is enough. Damn, bet she heard that. GET OUT OF MY MIND!" 

I smiled, slightly. 

"You should have seen her out there. She just waved her hand, and the fire went." Jacob said, before Athena could speak. She nodded her head, agreeing. 

"I think I can control fire." She said, quietly. 

"What's going on? Willow can read minds, you can control fire, Jacob can... destroy things?" Adam said. 

"I wouldn't say destroy, it's more... moving things, controlling things, with my mind." Jacob corrected him. 

I sat down. It was getting to much. When I had woke up, this morning, I was alone in the broken world, yet here I stood now with four strangers, where the majority of us had powers. And my beautiful child was on the other side of the country, where I didn't know if she was safe or not. 

"I think I might have a power too." Xannya said. "I think my senses have been increased. I could smell that bacon, and hear voices when you couldn't Willow, and even I know it wasn't normal. I was too far. Man, I need a drink." 

Adam sat down next to me. 

"What has gave us these - I don't even know what to call them. Is powers the right word?" He said to the group. Athena coughed.

"I think I can answer that. You see-" 

She was interrupted though, by footsteps on the stairs. More? A young women, around nineteen, twenty, entered the room and broke out into tears. 

"Oh my, your alive. I'm not alone!" She ran over and threw her arms around Jacob who was the nearest person to her. He patted her shoulder, rather uncomfortably.

"Another! Were slowly finding each other. This is extraordinary" 

"I agree, Adam." I said, then I turned to the knew girl, standing up. "What's your name? " She looked up, and moved to me. 

"Rena. I'm Rena. I thought it wasn't serious. I thought maybe a few burning houses, and maybe the odd accidental death. But out there its.. its.. its all gone." I pulled her into another hug, and shushed her. Now she was closer, I realised she was older than twenty. Maybe twenty five. Looking round the room, I noticed I was the oldest. 

I was maybe the oldest person in the world. 

The End

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