Athena: Maybe I should be Hestia...

The world out side is horrific. I knew that it would be, but I expected to be dead along with the rest of the planet. I helped find the threat of the meteor. Not officially, of course, but when I was found to be really smart, I was hired. I didn't mind being used, because I got a place to sleep and food to eat.

I wish I could go back to before the end of the world. When the city was alive again. When cars were moving and birds were singing. When trees filtered the sunlight to make everything look alive.

The thoughts going through my head made me sad. They also made me angry. If only the scientists had increased the threat ratio. Many people saw it as a hoax. If they had known it was for real, there might be stockpiled food somewhere. Trees growing fruit. But no. It was all gone.

These thoughts made me so angry that a screamed. I screamed and cried. Especially when I saw the burning hotel where I knew there was food stockpiled from all of the scientists that were staying there.

I reach out for the burning inferno and scream again. I can feel Jacob flinch when the flames jump up three times bigger. This scares me. And gives me an idea. I stand calmly and hold out a hand to the hotel. I flick my fingers fully open and imagine the fire flying away. Surprising both of us, it does. The hotel is completely free of fire.

I look at jacob and we just atare at each other. Then we go inside the basement. There is something I need to tell them.

The End

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