Adam: Too many survivors, not enough food?

Jacob and Athena had just come back down. Their faces told a thousand tales. You couldn’t imagine what had happened until you saw it for yourself. They didn’t say anything, either. Athena seemed like a zombie, her eyes looking forward but not seeing. She gazed at her hands, turning one over slowly, peering at the outside of the hand. I wondered what she had seen out there.

Jacob took a slice of bacon, eating it slowly. Obviously, his thoughts were reflective. Was he thinking about his own situation? Was he thinking about the rest of us? Or, was he lost in thought, not knowing what to focus on?

On the bright side, there was plenty of bacon to go around; everyone in the cellar had some. There was some canned food, which would last for a while. There was no fresh food outside the bacon. I assumed the ones who found the cellar/basement first ate anything fresh.

Of course, there was a good possibility that more survivors would be found. I began to fear that our food wouldn’t last as long as we might need it to. There was no telling where and when we might find more food. Maybe Xannya’s stronger senses could be used to find more food.

I hated to think it, but more survivors at this point might be a bad thing. Willow looked over at me, a sad expression on her face.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ve been trying not to read people’s thoughts, but that thought was so strong.” She paused, placing her hand on my shoulder. “I think I know how you feel.”

“I think I have a power, too,” Athena spoke finally. Our attention was now on her.

The End

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