Rena - awakening

We didn't get much time off in our degree. Studying to be a dentist could be a little full on. So of course when we were given a week off we took off out of London, all crashing at a place Josie had on the other side of the country for a week of some partying and some relaxing.

Of course, when we heard about the news there may have been a little more partying. We'd figured if this was our last day on earth then we may as well make the most of it. There's was no way we'd make it back to our families, even if we tried. The roads had been jammed. And the phone lines were jammed too. I had tried to call home many times, to say goodbye, to let them know I was thinking of them, but all I could do was send off a text, and an email and hope that they would get it. Then it was time to party the night away.

I don't remember it hitting. We were down in the cellar by then I think but I can't remember the details. Probably a good thing. When I woke, a cabinet had fallen over the top of me, landing against the table next to me. There was a slight gap beneath it, and that gap was probably the only reason I was still alive, given that all around me was just rubble. I tried not to think about the fact that somewhere in that rubble was my best friend, that somewhere in there was my boyfriend. There was no way anyone had survived that, and there seemed to be no way to get out.

"Help! Can anyone hear me?" I shouted, though knowing it was useless. I tried shoving at the cabinet, but it wouldn't move, probably because of the weight of the ceiling which seemed to be resting on it. I was running out of air, and began to beat my hands against it in frustration, tears falling.

That was when one of my hands slipped into the cabinet. I have to say, feeling your body pass through a solid object, despite being totally impossible, is a surreal feeling. It kind of tingles. However, I wasn't questioning it at the moment. It it meant I could get out, then out I was going. 

Somehow I managed to wriggle around, feeling with my hands. It seemed the wall that I was up against was now very close to the outside, it was maybe 3 feet away. I could try pushing through the cabinet, but I met resistance before my whole body could go through, it seemed there was a slight limit to whatever it was. But I was able to wriggle my bruised body out behind me, through the wall and to freedom. 

Finally being out, I took a few deep breaths, breathing in the air, before looking around. Everything was gone. Where once there had been a town, now there was rubble and debris. Was I the only one left? 

Determined, I started walking. Town was somewhere that one, and surely there would be survivors. I hadn't been walking too long, maybe 20 minutes, before I stumbled upon an old factory that Josie had told us about only two days ago. It was supposed to have been empty, but from within it I could hear voices. Overjoyed at the thought of survivors I made my way down what appeared to be stairs. 

The End

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