I knew what it was like going into a new environment, so this was no change what so ever. I was going to a new school that Grandma Shea had told me to go to. I didn't really want to go, but when she got a stroke just a couple weeks ago, I decided to go because she really wanted me to.

I walked into the front where I was getting my schedule and supplies for the remaining of the school year. I had brought a back pack and other things along with me just in case.

It was lunch time and I was directed to the cafeteria by a guy with brown hair and... dark colored eyes. He was quiet and I guess he didn't really want to talk and get to other people. I could relate.

I got my lunch and decided to sit by myself like every other new person and wait for people to come to me, but I guess today wasn't my lucky day because no one came to sit by me. I was the loner in this school.

The day dragged on as everyone ignored me and shoved me around. I found my locker and put my stuff in it and headed off to History. I had a couple more classes to go and then I would be able to go back home, or at least what was left of it.

Ever since Grandma Shea died, it felt as if she took a whole chunk of me with her. Apparently that big chunk was my pride and dignity. I didn't feel as confident as I used to be when she was still around. I was shier and calmer than what I used to be, but I was still perky at the restaurant that I worked in.

I sat in class waiting for it to end and then the next one. It was a drag, but I lived through it.

I walked home that day because I wanted to remember all the streets so that I wouldn't get lost if I missed the bus. I stared at a girl that passed by me in the hall as I was leaving, and I could just feel her presence. It didn't feel unpleasant, but it was strange. I got a quick glimpse of her, but then I couldn't see her because of all the people in the halls.

She had light brown hair and I couldn't see her eyes, but I took a wild guess and thought that they were blue-ish green. I shook my head and kept walking. I thought about looking for her at lunch the next day and I found her. She sat with other people I didn't know, and I decided to sit with her... and I hoped that we could be friends.

The End

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