I couldn't believe how many of us had survived. Humans! Were threatened by the world's most dangerous meteor, and yet some of us escape it. I was starting to think that there would be more around the country - around the planet. Surely if I could survive, Louise could survive. 

The homely smell of bacon finally reached my senses, and I started to laugh. The thought of laughing at a time like this, was outrageous. But there I was, giggling at the smell of bacon. Adam and Xannya turned to me questioningly.

"I can finally smell the bacon!" I told them, which made them grin. When we got to the bottom, of the dusty, crumbled stair case, we were met by a young man, a younger girl, and a beautiful Labrador. It nearly brought tears to my eyes, seeing that not only were there human survivors, but animals too. 

"Oh my"

 I heard Adam think, looking at the dog. I couldn't say anything to it, as it had left me speechless. The man, I assumed was Jacob, looked shocked, but not at us. 

"Did I just do that?" He asked us, and a look of confusion flashed on all our faces. He placed his palm out, and a chair floated in the air. He clenched it into a fist, and the chair exploded.

"Oh my God. You've got a power like Willow." Xannya gasped. 

"Power... What?" 

"Are you the rescue team? What's it like up there? How many people have died?" The young girl said, hurrying over to us. She had missed Jacob's display and she clearly didn't know the scale of the disaster outside. Luckily for me, Adam answered.

"Erm, were not the rescue team. Were the survivors." He said, quietly. Jacob's face just dropped, and so did the girl's. 

"What's you name?" Xannya asked the young girl, as she walked over to the other side of the cellar. 

"Athena. What do you mean, you'se are the survivors'? Surely not the only ones?" She asked quietly, clearly in shock. 

"How much food is down here?" Xannya shouted, before we could answer. She opened the fridge and looked inside. Then she began to click her tongue, clearly not happy. "We may have to go scavenging." 

"Surely, these aren't the only survivors. This is a joke." 

"Jacob, it's not a joke. Go up. Take a look around, and then you'll see." I told him. He looked shocked. 

"What? How-" 

"Later. We'll explain later. You need to see what's up there to understand. You too, Athena." I interrupted him. He looked at me closely, and then made his way up the stairs, rather cautiously. 

"Is it all gone? Is everything gone?" the other girl said. I saw the small hope that was on her face drift away as I nodded. 

"Like I said, you best go up too." I told her, and she nodded, and then followed Jacob.

"Did you see that thing that Jake did? He just completely destroyed that chair." Adam said turning to me. 

"He could be dangerous." 

"I know he can." I said back. He stopped for a second, then realised I had read his mind. I had to stop doing that. I would need to practise staying out. 

"Reckon the powers are something to do with the meteor?" he asked. 

"Must be." Xannya said, walking back over to us. "The question is though, do we have one?" 

We all stood there for a second thinking about it. Then before either of us could say anything, Jacob and Athena came back down the stairs.

The End

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