It was going to be tonight I will ask her, Ill ask her to be mine, Ill ask her to marry me. We were both getting ready in our room she stood in front of the mirror. She looked stunning a simple black dress that made her long red hair stand out. She turned to her side and gave me big puppy eyes and pouted. "Hunny do I look fat because I feel it" she said her voice child like I chuckled. and walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her wait.

"Dont be silly you look stunning"I said trying tomake her feel better. I kissed her on her neck and that sent her into a fit of giggles. I loved her and she was mine I smiled to my self she might be my wife. One day.

We were in a the resturant and I took her hand and she smiled at me I stood up and kneeled next to her and she blushed. "Emily you are my life. You are what makes me want to get up in the morning, and thinking of being without you brings me pain. So I ask you" I open the ring case she gasped and covered her mouth and tears fell "To be my wife and stant by me in life" She nodded and I slipped the wring on her finger it was a blue saphire circled by diaminds on a white gold band. People being to applaosed us and I pulled her into a hug.

That is when my nightmare began The building began to shake glasses were falling over and smashing, I stood up and pulled Emily up to she looked scared and clutched onto me for life I pulled her outside. People were screaming in the streets I starting to panic, but being a teacher I knew I had to stay calm, it was the best thing to do. I grabbed her left hand and pulled her further in to crowed trying to fine out whats going on. "Damien look a the sky" I heard her voice full of panic I looked up the sky was changing to a red, no not yet.

People was pushing and I gripped onto Emilys hand but we were being pulled apart. "EMILY NO PLEASE NO"finnally her hand slipped out of mine and all that was left was our engagment ring I tried to push my way through the crowd it was impossiable.

Someone pushed me and I fell down some steps and  as I did a depris blocked the enctrance. I hit my and it was pounding I put my hand to the back of my head it was blood. I cursed to my-self and looked around and a women was slumped on the floor with a dog with her.

I pulled my-self to a corner and darkness welcomed me to a peacefull sleep.

When I got control of my senses again I could smell Bacon, I sighed I guess it was a dream as I sat up the pain soared into my head reminding me of the truth. I had lost my life, my love, my Emily. I groaned I saw a girl at a stove cooking she turned around to look at me her blue eyes full of concern. her dark brown hair was a bit messy she was small but she looked strong.

"Erm hello Im jacob, er sorry I didnt mean to intrude but I got pushed down here when I was walking past and I hit my head sorry" I stood and I felt woosy and fell down again. She was by my side helping me sit down.

"Well you shouldnt be standing up silly I am cooking if your hungry" she smiled her voice was sweet and elegant and full of life. I smiled weakly at her

I heard crumbling in the roof I gasped I heard peoples voices a girl. I thought I need to help pull the debris away, for some reason I wanted lift up my arm and flick my fingers and as I did the debris fell down. "Thank you Jacob" I hard some one call I just stared at the whole as three figures dropped down.

"Did I just do that" I said breathlessly I stared down at my hands I looked at the chair in the corner and I lifted my hand slightly and so did the chair. I gasped and closed my hand into a fist and the chair exploded into pieces and everybody stared at me.

"Sorry" I said weakly 'Well done jacob always making a fool of your-self around new people no wonder your a rubbish teacher' I thought to my-self.

The End

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