Athena: Bacon is Food..... Technically.....

I know what happened. Anyone with any sense knew that a flying chunk of space rock was going to crash into the earth.

Stop yelling at people. It won't help anyone.

I take a deep breath and hold it. Slowly letting it slide out of my mouth, I turn over some of the bacon. It is cooking fast, even though there is no knob for the temperature any more.

I knew the end was coming, so I had run into the abandoned basement of what used to be a factory. I had barely sat down before I was knocked out by falling debris. I woke up to find a strange man in the corner and a Golden Labrador that had been following me. The man was still out cold, but the dog was staring at me wagging its tail.

When I felt strong enough to stand, I pulled my self out of a pile of rubble. After looking around a bit, I found a candle to let me see. Luckly, it had matches near by. Once there was some amount of light, I saw there was a stove. Next to it was a fridge. The power was out, so I opened it to see what was edible. We had to eat, and it would have gone bad anyway.

Inside was a pack of sealed bacon, that milk that doesnt need to be refridgerated until you open it, and various other items that would keep for a bit.

The End

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