Adam: Moving debris

There was a lot of debris to move to get to the stairs Xannya had found. The more bricks we moved, the louder the voices and the stronger the smell of bacon.

"Peppered bacon!" Xannya exclaimed. Willow and I look at each other and shruged at each other. Xannya continued, "The bacon has been peppered." She said the phrases with a lot of enthusiasm.

We continued moving pieces of bricks, concrete and the like. After a while, I smelled the pepper in the air as well. "Well, her senses are stronger than mine," I commented to Willow.

"Now, you smell the pepper," she replied, but it wasn't a question. Stronger senses made sense, but I was never one to believe in the possibility of mind powers such as reading other people's minds.

"Neither was I," she said. Then, she smacked herself on the forehead. "Sorry, I need to stop doing that."

Finally, enough of the debris was out of the way. Xannya entered first, slowly at first. "Thank you, Jacob," she said as she picked up her speed.

I guessed that Jacob was one of the names of the survivors. Willow looked at me and said, "I think you are right."

I smirked at her as we entered the dark stairwell. Oh, well. We were going to have to get use to this. Maybe we could find someone that could block her transmission. "I surely hope so," she replied to my unsaid thought.

After Willow had gone down a few steps she laughed. Knowing that we would want to know why, she said, "I can finally smell the bacon." 

The End

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