Shouting at me to stay out of her mind, was so not helping. 

“Thoughts are private sacred things! The're a home for all our secret little secrets, that you are not meant to see!!” I heard Xannya think. 

"What have you done that you don’t want me to see in that head of yours, killed someone, stolen something, or maybe annoyed someone to death?!" I shouted at her, sarcastically. I was normally quite calm, but I guess I was allowed to stress under the circumstances. 

"What have I done with my life? The parties, the booze, Norah and the hangovers."

She said - thought- to herself. Her memories flashed through my mind, of her drinking, out of it. Most of them were just a blur. Didn't she say she was only seventeen, what was she doing getting that drunk? 

'I don't want her to see that!' 

She looked at me and I looked away embarrassed, like I had trespassed.

"What’s going on?" Adam called out, looking at us questioningly. Xannya turned back round, and rushed forward.

"Nothing. Come on, we need to get to the food." she yelled, as she began to run.

"Please let her forget that."  

I followed Xannya slowly, so Adam could catch up to us. A cloud of dust rose up from each of Xannya's steps, so I couldn't see her. 

"How can you read minds?" Adam asked me. I looked at the ground, and sighed. I wanted to know the answer to that question as well.

"I don't know. It's only come since the meteor." He just nodded, and we walked the rest of the walk in silence. He was in the same situation as me; both without our child.

"Willow! Come help me!" I heard Xannya shout in the distance.


I ran forward, wondering what was wrong. She didn't sound in danger. As I got closer, I noticed she was stood over a huge pile of bricks with a broken sign lay on the floor. I racked my brain, to think what used to be there. We had walked a while, and I couldn't tell where abouts we were. 

"Whats up?" I asked her. She was pulling the bricks away, and I joined her. 

"Can you not hear that? Not even their thoughts?" she looked at me, questioningly. I shook my head. I couldn't hear a thing. 

"There talking really loud. Two of them. Tell me you hear them. I can smell bacon as well, they must be cooking or something. " 

"Xannya, I can't hear anyone or smell anything." I started to wonder if she had concussion. She couldn't remember anything, and now she was clearly imagining things. I stopped digging, and looked at her closely. "Are you okay, Xannya? Have you got an headache or anything?" 

"No. Don't look at me like that- Hey, there's another now. Three survivors." She began to dig faster, and started yelling that we were helping.

"What's happening?" Adam said, as he limped over. 

"Xannya is hearing things."  I whispered to him, so she couldn't hear. "Can you remember what used to be here?" 

"It was a factory, and what do you mean, she's hearing things?" 

"Voices. Three voices. And she can smell bacon."  I looked back at her, and saw she had moved a lot bricks, and was getting close to the ground. 

"Can't you hear them?" Adam said to me. I turned to him.

"You can?" I couldn't believe it, was I going deaf?

"Faintly. And there is a faint smell of bacon too." he said. 

"HEY! I've found stairs! I think it must be a cellar or something!" 


The End

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