Xannya- Food and Liquor

It was strong, so strong, the smell of crisp, fresh bacon, sweet and succulent, I could almost taste it on the tip of my tongue!

My stomach growled as I ran towards the tantalizing smell. I got no clue how I smelled it a mile away, I just guess when you’re hungry, your senses work overtime.

"Wait! Xannya!" Willow called out. 

Oops. I forgot we had an injured person on board. Yeah! More people! And cute people too. The guy wasn't half bad looking, but way too old for me, he has a kid. . . . he had a kid. I wondered if he had realized that his kid was dead. I wondered if Willow had realized that her kid was dead too. I felt slightly lonely; they all had somebody to miss, somebody to mourn for. I had no one.

"She is not dead!" Willow yelled. Crap. She really does hear thoughts.

"Thoughts are private! Stop hearing them!" I ...well...thought.

"You want me to put ear muffs over my brain!!" She yelled back. 

"Yes!!" I thought back.

“Well too bad!”

You’re a pervert, you know, listening to peoples thoughts like that!” I yelled in my head.

“Thats not called being perverted! Look up a dictionary for the meaning of the word pervert, illiterate idiot!” She yelled.

The new guy, Adam, looked completely confused, to him it must have seemed like she was having a conversation with herself.

“I’m not schizophrenic Adam! I told you, I would explain later!” She barked at Adam.

“How did you...?!....Crap!!” Adam looked shook up.

“Thoughts are private sacred things! There a home for all our secret little secrets, that you are not meant to see!!”

"What have you done that you don’t want me to see in that head of yours, killed someone, stolen something, or maybe annoyed someone to death?!" She screamed sarcastically.

I felt stiff. That question again, what have I done with my life. I thought of the party, the booze, Norah and the hangovers, just for a second before putting it out of mind. I didn't want her to see it. I didn't want them to know what utter crap my life had been. But her face said it all. She had seen all the images that replayed in my mind. Even though I thought if it for a split second, she had seen. She did not reply.

"What’s going on?" Adam called out, looking from my face to Willows.

"Nothing. Come on, we need to get to the food." I yelled out, before running as fast as my feet could carry me.

"Please let her forget that."  I thought as my feet banged against the broken concrete. Crap, she probably heard that too.


The End

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