"I'm Willow. Are you hurt anywhere?" I asked him,worriedly. He looked down at himself, and groaned again as he tried to sit up. 

"A bit faint, no lasting damages I think." He said. "Can you help me stand up?" 

I didn't know whether it would be better for him to sit longer, but decided to do as he asked. I cut hair, what would I know about first aid and all that. 

"Xannya, help me lift him." She did as I asked, and we both lifted him up. He swayed for a second, and I held onto him. 

"What happened? What was it?" He asked me, quietly. 

"A meteor. It was a meteor, it destroyed everything." Xannya said, before I could answer. She followed it with a few swear words. 

"How did you survive?" He asked. 

"I hid in my basement, but I guess I was just lucky." I said to him, and he nodded. He looked at Xannya. "What about you?"

"I... I don't remember." she said. I was starting to worry, that she still couldn't remember anything. I hoped she hadn't hurt her head or anything.

"And you?" I said, looking at him. His short, brown hair was full of dust, and I was itching to wipe it off. He looked at me with his brown eyes, then looked back at the ground, without saying anything. I didn't push it further.

"I think I can stand alone now, thanks." I let go of him, and he stumbled for a second, and then stood straight. 

Me and Xannya watched him silently, as he looked round, and took in the wasteland around us. I lone tear fell from his eye, and he didn't bother to wipe it. 

'everything. everything is gone.'

"I know." I said to him. He turned round, and faced me. Xannya looked at me closely.

"You know what?" they said in unison. 

The End

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