It seemed like we stood there for an age, locked in the feeling of relief at finding we were not alone.

"What's happened? I can't remember cleary. I know there was a meteor shower, but how...?" She said to me. She looked terrified.

"The meteor, it hit Earth. It was all on the news, that one was heading our way." I told her gently. She reminded me of my daughter, and I felt the urge to protect her. She looked so young stood there.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Xannya." She told me. She had begun to calm down.

"I'm Willow. Now, listen to me carefully. What happened to your parents, Xannya?" I already guessed that they were gone, with the rest of the worlds population, but I had to ask.

"I don't know. I don't remember anything! I don't... I don't think I lived with them." she looked up at me, and I could see a hint of fear in her eyes. How old was she? She must have been around sixteen, what was she doing not living with her parents?

"Your probably in shock. That's why your having trouble remembering things." I told her, not fully believing it myself. But she needed to calm down. "How old are you Xannya?"     

"Seventeen, I think. We need to find Nora." She said, looking round.

"Nora? Who'se Nora?" I asked her, as she looked back at me.

"I lived with her... Hey I remembered that! Man, I need something strong to drink" She turned round, as I puzzeled over what she had said. She was seventeen, surely she didn't mean alcohol.

"I think we should start walking." I told her. "There's nothing here. Maybe we'll find some other people as we walk on." She nodded her head, and started walking by my side.

The world was a mess. Buildings had crumbled, trees had burnt to a crisp, roads were cracked. Everything had a thick layer of ash coating it, like when snow falls and acts as a blanket on the world. Here and there, we noticed the odd body. It made me nearly physically sick, seeing limbs torn apart, and bodies burnt to the bone. We tried to avoid looking at them, as much as possible.

 "Who are you?" She asked me, trying to start a conversation.

"What do you mean?" I aksed her. "Who am I? What's my story?" She nodded her head.

"I'm Willow. Im thirty and I cut hair for a living. Well I did, till... Anyway, I have a daughter, Louise, who'se twelve. That's all there really is to know about me." I wasn't going into the rest. I'd only just met her, I wasn't trusting her yet. Even if she was the only other survivor.

"Where is she?" She asked me.

"London. She was on a school trip to London." and I hadn't been with her, when she needed me most, I carried on in my mind.

"How do you know..." she left the question hanging, but I knew what she was suggesting.

"She's alive, okay? I know it. She's alive." I snapped at her. She WAS alive. I would find her. I would.

"Keep kidding yourself, love."

"What did you say?" I asked her, stopping. She looked at me confused.

"I didn't say anything."

"Yes you did! You said 'keep kidding yourself'. I don't care what you think. She's out there, and I'm going to find her-"

"I didn't say that - I thought it." She looked confused, almost panicky.  But I had heard it. I had heard it, loud and clear.

But I hadn't, I thought suddenly. I hadn't heard it, I had thought it in my mind. Just like the mouse, and just like when I first heard her. I relealised suddenly, that I could hear peoples thoughts.

"Oh my God. That body just moved!" She screamed, pointing behind me. I spun round, and there on the floor lay a man, covered in ash. He moved his arm, and I rushed forward towards him. He groaned.

"Hello! Can you hear me? Can you move?!" I asked him. He groaned again, and lifted his hand towards mine. He opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Who the hell, are you?"

The End

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