Willow: not so alone after all...

I stood up, and brushed the dust of my jeans. I couldn't stay here. I had to move, do something. Maybe if I walked on, I'd find a place that wasn't so wrecked. Surely the meteor hadn't hit all of Earth. The News had said otherwise, but I still repeated it over and over in my head, to stop me from going crazy. 

"Was Norah dead now? Was I going to die? Am I the last man alive?" 

There was that voice again. This time it was different, but I still couldn't actually hear the sound. It was like it was in my mind. Was I going crazy?

"Would I ever experience love, get married, lead a normal life, with kids, maybe a dog, somewhere on the coast in California?"

Was this my mind? My conscience? Was I going mad already? I slapped my head. 

"Get out... Go away." I whispered slowly, to myself. 

"Why! Why! Why!" 

"Because I don't want to be crazy. I don't want to be alone." I told myself. I tried to block out the voice, and found that if I concentrated hard on something else, it faded to nothing but a whisper. 

In the distance, a lone lampost stood standing. I concentrated on that. The pole was covered in ash, and the silver paint was peeling at parts. The light bulb had been smashed, and wires hung out of the gap. It bent over, crooked, halfway down-


That was definately not in my head. I looked round, to see if I could see someone, and in the distance I saw a figure knelt on the floor. It was clear that it was a young girl, from the sound of her cries. As I walked closer, I felt like crying. I had never seen something so beautiful. A human being. An actual human being. I wasn't alone. 

Her hair was jet black - whether from the ash, or her natural hair colour, I couldn't tell from where I was stood. She wore a white spagetti strap shirt, with a demin jacket and jeans. I walked closer slowly, unable to take in that there was another survivor.

She looked up and saw me through her emerald green eyes, and a mixture of relief and hope flooded her face. She got up of the floor and ran over to me, putting her arms around my shoulders, and buried her face into my shoulder, crying. She was very short, and her face was very pale, and thing.

"Oh my God. I thought I was alone. I thought I was the only one. I was so scared." She was speaking so fast, I could hardly pick out her words.

"I'm not alone. I'm not alone. Thank you God, I'm not alone."

Wait. Was that my thoughts, or hers? 

She grabbed hold of my shoulders, and stepped backwards to look at me.

"Please say something. Please tell me I'm not imagining you." She whispered.

I wiped her tears away from under her cheeks.

"It's okay. I'm real. I'm real." I started laughing, while tears were still pouring down my cheek. Pulling her back into a hug, I smiled for the first time that day, and forgot about the disaster around us for a second.

Just for a second though.

The End

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