‘What the hell did I drink last night.....last night....what the heck happened last night.’ I thought, as I wiped the sweat of my forehead, and stumbled to get to my feet. I didn’t know where I was, what the heck I was doing or how the heck I got here. I knew nothing. I searched through my brain in a desperate attempt to find any memories of the past 17 years of my life. I couldn’t find anything. That scared me to death. Then, a couple of hazy details came to view, some of which were that-

1)      My name is Xannya

2)      I am 17 years old

3)      I have no parents

4)      I went clubbing every night

5)      I lived with Norah who drunk whiskey like it was water

6)      My habits were worse than Norah’s; I drunk whiskey like it was the air I breathe.

It came to me, like an epiphany that shot me hard in the head.....it seemed my life had been a total waste of crap. No compensation; a waste of time, nothing to commemorate; zero. This was by far the worst morning ever! I got up, in a pile of stinking rubble (it was literally stinking of sulphur charcoal and rotting meat) with a splitting headache, with almost no happy memories, not only to find that my life was a waste of trash but also that the world had ended.....literally. Either that or a giant part of the world had just been obliterated while I was asleep.

My eyes scanned the scene around me. There was nothing left. No people no houses, no building; nothing, zilch, zero that is except for a piles of rubble, shattered glass fragments, and fallen cinderblocks burned to a crisp. My nose gave a painful jolt. The smell was almost overbearing. The stench coagulated inside my nose. It made my head start throbbing again.

Then, I turned  my heavy head to look at the little burning rocks all over the floor....the burning rocks...they were strange. They didn’t seem to fit in somehow......

  Something vague flashed through my memory from the thought of the burning rocks.... Something about the previous night ... Something to do with a party.....We....I mean Norah and I, we were getting smashed last night, but why? We were laughing, singing.....singing what? Something about a meteor shower or something.......

It was then it hit me in the head like a cannon ball. Meteorologists had predicted a massive meteor was heading for Earth. Norah and I....were we honouring the last night of this freaking planet!?!?

“Holy mother of God.” I whispered holding my head. "The word seriously has ended. It seriously happened. No joke...." My legs shook, and gave way, as I fell to the torn Earth.

The End

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