I stepped out onto my street. All of the houses had crumbled to dust, including mine. The sky was red, and in the distance I still saw fire burning. Everything was silent. 

I looked round, but all I could see for miles were ruins and destructions. The world had gone, and had left me on my own. I called for the names of my lost neighbours, but nobody answered me. They were gone. 

I had heard it on the news first. A meteor was heading to earth, and nobody could do anything. All of the films, about the end of the world couldn't help. What about Armageddon ? Where was Bruce Willis when you needed him?

I looked at my watch, to get a sense of time, but of course it had broken. Just like everything else. 

I didn't know what to do. Where could I go? Was I the only survivor? 

When I had seen it on the news, I had called everyone but no one seemed to take it seriously. I was in the house on my own, as my daughter was on a school trip to London. I rang her first, to make sure she was safe, but I couldn't get hold of her which made me begin to panic. What if the News was right? 

By baby girl should have been with me at the end. But no, my beautiful Louise had been on the other side of the country.

I had grabbed my car keys, and was ready to drive down. It would have took me eights hours tops, if I could have got there before it started. But I was too late. As I stepped out my door, ash began to fall. Then rocks began to descend from the heavens. The earth was shaking, and before I could even reach my car, it was crushed by a fallen lampost. There was nothing to do, but wait it out in my cellar, till I could emerge once again a week later.

I walked to the end of where my street had been, and tried to call for other survivors. But there was none

I was truly alone.

The End

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