Jackeye: Forest in a FieldMature

Jackeye picked one of the little white globs off of a stalk and popped it in his mouth. He chew thoughtfully before he made a face and spat it back out. The white glob fell limply onto the ground.

“Cotton.” He grumbled with a frown. “No good for food.”

Jonin’ trailed behind him.

“What’r we gonna do, cat’in?” Jonin’ asked at he looked around the cotton field. Jackeye prodded one of the cotton stalks gingerly.

“Look on, I suppose. The Cotton lady would’ve loved this.”

Jonin’ nodded. “But there’s only cotton here.”

Jackeye sighed. He looked around and spotted a tree.

“Look. There.”

Jonin’ looked around.

“What, cat’in?”

“That tree.”


“Do you know what that means?”

Jonin’ shook his head.

“Well, if there’s one tree, then where has to be a lot of others. And you know what that means?”


Jackeye almost wanted to slap him.

“A forest! And do you know what that means?”



“Food!” Jonin’ shouted.

“Yes!” Jackeye exclaimed. “Now lets go.”

They plowed through the cotton field, leaving a visible path behind. It would come in handy when they came back. Well, if they came back.

The End

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