Veronica: The IsleMature

Ron emerged from her cabin in trousers, her hair allowed to fall to her shoulders. Her sword was ready at her waist, a hand balanced on the hilt. It was a mighty weapon, crafted by a legendary forger in the Orient. The handle perfectly fit her small hands, the blade just heavy enough for her to keep her footing as she walked, or as weapon and wielder danced through the air, made one. The sword could cut through entire walls, but was light as a feather. It was covered in engravings, words from a foreign language said to bring victory and luck.

Climbing out onto the deck, Veronica could see it had. The storm had long left, the skies a placid blue, innocent white clouds drifting across the sky. The sun sat, like the yolk of an egg, nestled in the heavens. To say it was a beautiful day was an understatement.

“Still afraid that I’d kill us all?”

Ron turned, seeing Cotton on deck. She ignored the lady, walking to the front of the ship and leaning over the railing. Isabel clearly knew how to navigate her vessel, that much was evident. Even if it meant steering right into a storm.

Veronica had long gained her sea legs, but something about storms made her queasy. They were so turbulent, massive swells of water crashing about. It was as if the ocean was angered, taking revenge on all that sailed it. Or some other, massive, creature was swimming about, agitated. Like one of the Kraken, or a leviathan.


It had been one of her smoother raids, aboard The Siren. Every man on board thought she was part of the crew, never questioning her. The ship itself was magnificent, ornately carved and well-built.

They had been half-way through the voyage, in deep, uncharted seas and caught amidst a terrifying storm. The Siren had rocked violently, jerking about madly. Veronica had been on deck, in the process of lowering the sails, when she saw the odd creature. A massive, shining black tentacle emerged from the waters, wrapping about the ship. It was thick as two tree trunks, and looked to be endless. Some of the deckhands rushed at it, hacking at the wet flesh, but it shook and sent them flying overboard. Another tentacle snaked around the ship, white suckers clinging loudly to the wood. Ron had been frozen in place, too terrified to move. A round, oblong head rose out of the ocean, twice as large as the ship, with an eye that near petrified all on board. It was a pale, watery blue, the size of the crow’s nest, and unblinking. It was wild, and animal, and merciless.  

The Kraken had easily devoured the ship. Ron had been lucky enough to be thrown off amid the process, and had somehow washed onto a small island. She was the lone survivor.


"Land, ho!"

A lush island was before them, surrounded by clear blue water and host to clean white sand. Veronica looked it over eagerly with a spyglass, taking in the palm trees and caves, and froze halfway across the shoreline. A lifeboat was dragged up to the sand, tied up as it bobbed slightly in the water. It wasn't just any lifeboat, however. It held the mark of The Blackbird.

Veronica walked back to where Cotton was, spyglass in hand.

"There's something I think you should take a look at, Captain. Maybe count your crew after you do."





The End

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