Jackeye: WindlessMature

Jackeye swung up to the highest mast of the boat. Storms were wonderful.

“Whoohoo! Send this baby in!” He shouted as the ship rocked in the ocean. Waves washed over waves and water was sloshing all over board.

The storm last for 3 hours. It was three whole hours of crazy water beating exhilaration before the waters began to calm. The clouds floated out of the sky and the sun finally shone through. Jackeye frowned as he scanned the horizon.

“No wind.”

He licked his fingers and stuck them out.

“No wind.” He repeated. Jackeye slid down the mast and landed lightly on the ground, avoiding all of the commotion on the ship.

“No wind.” He said again, shaking his head. No wind was a bad sign.

He was weaving his way through the crowd when a boy struggled to push through the crowd. Jackeye caught him.

“Woah boy, what’s the hurry?”

“I need to speak to the capt’in!”

“What’s so urgent boy?”

“All of the cargo got washed off the ship. We have no food or water left!”

Jackeye let go of the kid slightly shock and the boy scrambled off. No wind. No food. No water. That was a bad combination.

Jackeye strolled to the captain cabin where he was sure where Jonin’ was. As for now, he should probably get Jonin’ free. He poked the door gingerly with his hand and it swung open. Jonin’ was lying on the ground, still bound and gagged.

“Hey Jonin’. Gonna get you out of this.” He grabbed his knife and quickly sawed through the bonds. Jonin’ scrambled up and threw on a shirt.

“Sory ca’tin...” He muttered.

“Well, you’re back. And that’s all that’s important right now.” He pat Jonin’ lightly on the back. “Now an escape plan?”


“No wind, food or water. I don’t think this boat has a rowing crew either. So either we sit here and starve to death or escape.”

“Wat’s da plan?”

“I was asking you!”

Jonin’ looked around.

“Don’t know, ca’tin.”

“Some people never get any smarter.” Jackeye sighed, muttering to himself. “Get up. We’re stealing a lifeboat and rowing ourselves to shore.


That night, with the help of Jonin’, a boat was let down and Jackeye and Jonin’ left. They row for half an hour when they hit shore, stumbling upon an island.

“We’ve reached land ca’tin.”

Jackeye smiled as he walked onto the sandy shore.

“Now we find food.”

The End

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