Claude: A Storm BrewingMature

           "I know I made a partnership with him, Claudey" Isabel had said to her cabin boy, while he was organizing her jewels and gems by colour and by size. "But i still don't trust him," she continued. She brought her long brown curly hair to the side, as she brushed it. 
       "I don't either," Claude answered, almost finished with his organizing. He really didn't mind doing things for Isabel, like washing her clothes, and making her meals, but it was only because he thought of her as a goddess. She was beautiful. A beauty that Claude could only describe as badass which made her all the more appealing. 

"I know you like sneaking about the ship, so i'd like you to a keep an eye on him," Claude nodded in response, and happy to know she still trusted him with this and not her first mate Samson whom he loathed. He walked over to the door to go out of her quarters, and he walked onto the deck of the ship to get a good look at things. It had never been so different on The Blackbird as it had been that day in the past decade or so of what Claude could remember. He noticed that the crew was a little shaken up by the man Jackeye's entrance. None of them trusted him, and neither did Claude. He screamed betrayal and lies, but what could you expect from a pirate?  He stuck to the shadow of the ship, along the west side keeping his eyes out for Jackeye. He also tried to stay unnoticed by his fellow crew. Unlike the crew who were mostly well built and scary, Claude was very timid and scrawny. He was cute though with his blonde shaggy mop of hair, and piercing ice blue eyes, but cute wasn't something you should find on a pirate ship. That's when he saw him. He was exiting out of some one's quarters, shaking his head disapprovingly at something. Claude had never really gotten a good look at him before, but now that he did he felt scared. There were scars all over the man's face, the worst place to have scars in Claude's opinion. Claude did though have a scar running down his eye, but that was only one, while this man had tons. That's when he clued into the fact that Jackeye was staring right at him. He felt his muscles freeze in fear.

      “And you my boy. What are you up to? Does Miss Cotton not trust my actions on this precious ship of hers?” He said with a laugh. 

    "No, and neither do i," Claude answered, standing up from his crouched position. The top of his head only reached to the man's stomach, making him have to look up to see Jackeye's face. 

"And I'm guessing you're the cabin boy," Jackeye said, looking at the boy's tanned and torn shorts, and white stained t-shirt that had holes in it. Claude backed up a bit and nodded in response. 

That's when they heard it. A crack of thunder in the distance. Claude and Jackeye looked to the direction of the loud boom. There were dark storm clouds about a mile ahead of them, and they were heading straight for it. The crew all heard it too, and the stood in silence staring at the storm, and at each other in worry. Claude then ran below the deck and to Isabel's quarters.

He threw open the door and yelped, "There's a storm ahead captain!" Isabel looked at him, and nodded her head. She had felt the ship's boards creak in worry as the waves began to pick up below it. She brushed past Claude, and went up onto the deck to address her crew. She knew the storm ahead would be a nasty one.


The End

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