Jackeye: Men and Women's WearMature

Jackeye looked back over at the door again. Something wasn’t right. The boy definitely went in that direction. And that girl was suspicious. Something about her looked familiar. Something... Suddenly, it all clicked in his mind and Jackeye whirled back around, storming into the room. He slammed the door open just in time, revealing the same boy, except he had long hair. The girl.

Jackeye’s mouth curled up into a smirk.

“So, I’d like an explanation.”

She cursed loudly. "Well...I, you see..."

“What?” He demanded.

"I...have a...liking for trousers?"


"Yes, actually. Did you think otherwise?"

“That is a rather obscure liking Miss...”

"Perhaps it is. Makes it more appealing, in my eyes."

“I said your name.” Jackeye looked at her impatiently. Avoiding a question was not a good idea when dealing with Jackeye.

"It's Williams. Ron Williams."

“Ron? Interesting...” Jackeye trailed off thinking. “I would say the Ron is preferably a man’s name. How about your other name? The real one?”

His eyes glinted dangerously.

"Is Veronica more suitable?"

Jackeye nodded, slightly more pleased. “Better.”

That was all that he wanted to know and so Jackeye turned and left the room abruptly, slamming the door loudly behind him. As he turned, he saw a boy, lurking nearby. And Jackeye’s mouth curled up into a smile. Probably someone Cotton sent to watch after him. A terrible choice in his opinion, but then, he had to admit, that Cotton was a little ditzy sometimes.

“And you my boy. What are you up to? Does Miss Cotton not trust my actions on this precious ship of hers?”

The End

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