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The intruder, who went by ‘Jackeye’ or something, was joining them. Not being thrown overboard with a bag of bricks, but joining them. Veronica sighed from her place in the crow’s nest, letting her legs dangle over the edge. This voyage was getting odder by the minute.

“Where’s that lad with the red hair? He’s made off with me blade!”

Looking down at one of the frantic crew members, Veronica held in a laugh. She lifted the stiletto up to the early sun, inspecting its fine composition and engraved handle. Being a pick-pocketing pirate aboard a ship was rather entertaining, not to mention profitable. Her cabin already had a secret hoard of pilfered items.

The deckhands all headed off, making preparations. Jackeye came out onto the deck, leaning on the ship’s railing and smacking it with a hand. Veronica reveled in his annoyance, a smirk coming to her face. The thug had tried to take over The Blackbird, and had easily and utterly failed. He shouldn’t have come onto a ship with the Red Lady aboard. That was a pricey mistake on his part. Jackass was a much better name for him.

Chuckling at how intently he was watching the sunrise, Ron pulled her legs in and crouched, hiding from sight, before raising the blade. She would maintain her place on this ship; even if it meant intimidation. Jackass needed a reminder who was in charge.

The blade zinged through the air and pinned his sleeve to the railing, making Veronica turn and duck instantly, trying to hold in a fit of laughter. His expression was priceless; the carbon copy of how it had been right before she caught him with her bag. It was almost endearing.

Ron stifled another laugh with a hand as she heard him call out, eyes beginning to water. She almost pitied the poor sap, but it was all very much necessary. He had to be taught a lesson.

The sudden groaning of the mast made Veronica panic, mind quickly realizing what the familiar sound meant. Someone was scaling the cargo net-the one that lead to her hiding place.

“Damn.” she muttered, lowering herself out of the crow’s nest on the opposite side, starting to shimmy down the mast.

Successfully on deck, Ron made a beeline for her cabin, ignoring the yells behind her. This was a time when she was truly glad that her manly guise was in place. This wasn’t the first time that a wig would save her skin.

Veronica locked the door after reaching her quarters, speedily changing from her trousers and shirt into the first dress in sight, stashing her wig in a cabinet and letting her hair fall to her shoulders. She swapped her buckled loafers for heeled softskin boots, stuffing her other clothes away just as a loud banging sounded on her door.

She neared it cautiously, adjusting her ruffled, off-shoulder clothing as she did. It just so happened that she had chosen a ‘progressively’ styled outfit, a thin white cotton and ending just below the knee. It would give a proper lady fits to see, really. It was different and, to Ron, different was good.

“Yes?”she asked suavely as she opened the door, delighting in the man’s furious expression.

Jackeye looked over her shoulder, no doubt trying to catch sight of a young, red-headed man.

“I was just...looking for someone.”

Veronica smiled apologetically, shrugging.

“I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong cabin, Sir...”

He gave a final look-see before leaving, shaking his head in confusion.

“...Jackass.”she whispered, chuckling. Some pirates were so thick.

Ron was about to close the door when she noticed something shiny across from her, stuck in the wall. Pulling the blade out, Veronica recognized it immediately. The stiletto. She wondered briefly if he knew her identity but, deciding against it, slipped the knife into her belt. It was all the better if he did know, anyways. Then the fun could really begin.



The End

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