Jackeye: Gremlin and GaleMature

Jackeye walked out of the captain’s cabin slightly annoyed, though he felt more pleased than upset. He got a ship, and found a partner along the way to help him. What else didn’t a pirate need? Well, a fellow competitor. Jackeye sighed as he stared out into the ocean. Things hadn’t exactly gone as he had wished and Jonin’ was still all tied up. The poor guy. But it did him right, falling for a women like that Cotton lady. Maybe keeping him all tied up like that would knock some sense into that rusty old head. And maybe next time there wouldn’t be a sailor knot issue.

Jackeye’s fist slammed onto the edge of the railing as he thought of the Gale.

The Nightingale was his pride and his love. It was the most beautiful ship he had ever crafted. It was the only ship that he refused to sell. Of course, father didn’t like that. Father was a merchant. Lovely boats only meant more money. That cranky old man never had a love for the ocean. Never a love for ships. Only money. Money money money. So that day that Jackeye became a pirate, was the day he decided to leave his old life behind.

“Gremlin, you will pay.” He hissed with burning hatred at he remember that day he landed on the shandy shores of Nevermore. It was directly after a large storm and the whole crew was just a weary as the ship was.

“Ca’tin! We sight a ship!”

“A ship? Torn up by the same storm I suppose!”

“No! She just raised the Roger!”

“Roger? Everyone get going! To the ship!”

There was a frantic scramble as everyone scrambled from the sandy shores of the beach to the Gale. The other ship plowed from the ocean quickly, much faster than Jackeye could get the Gale to go.

“Cat’tin, she’s got rowers!”

“Pull up that sails! We have a tough game ahead of us!”

But there was no chance. Gremlin’s old ship rammed into the Gale, splintering the old thing. With one ship sunk, it was either one captain or the other. A freshly rested Gremlin versus a worn out Jackeye was hardly a fair fight. But since when did pirates play fair?

Jackeye was thrown overboard, dead along with Jonin’. They only happened to survive after they floated onto land.

He never saw the Gale again.

The End

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