Jackeye: The Glaring CrewMature

Jackeye crawled off of the captain lady and dusted himself off.

“Next time, we need aliases.” He finally said.

“I’m sorry ca’tin.” Jonin’ muttered.

“No. no, it’s fine.” Jackeye still looked slightly dazed. “It all worked out fine.”

Jackeye shook himself out of his trance and dragged the lady onto the chair he was tied to.

“Tie her down. And use every fancy sailor you know. I don’t want her getting free while we’re trying taking over the boat.”

“But ca’tin, aren’t we killing her?”

“Not just yet.” Jackeye said, opening the door of the room. “We’re going to have to take this ship that hard way. Best have the captain still alive as a back up.”

“Ay ca’tin!” Jonin’ turned around and began working on tying the lady down.

“And, if she wakes up, don’t forget to knock her out again.”

“Ay ca’tin!”

Jackeye turned and left the room. He strolled onto the deck and looked around. The ship wasn’t completely full, but there was still a decent sized crew to get rid of. Jackeye stepped onto a platform and cleared his throat.

“Hello and welcome crew!” He announced, gaining the attention of everyone on deck.

“I’d like to announce that your old captain is currently, uh, out of commision! So I will be your new captain!”

There was a wave of murmurs.

“What happened to our Capt’in?”

“Uh, she got sick of you guys and um, jumped off of the boat.”

Jackeye was met by a wave of glares.

“Stop staring and get back to your work! Do you guys have no respect for your captain?”

“You’re not our capt’in!”

“Yes I am! Now get to work! I’ll kill anyone who’s against me!” He shouted, lifting his pistol. No one moved. Jackeye looked at the entire crew, annoyed. “You idiots! Move! Work!”

Silence contintued and Jackeye stood there glaring at the crew, which was glaring back with equal strength.

“Ok, fine fine, I lose. You win. Ok?”

The crew continued to glare.

“Am I talking to a bunch of statues? Speak you piles of rotten dog shit!”

More glaring. By then, Jackeye couldn’t help but feel exasperated. This ship’s crew was just as obscure at its captain.

“Screw this all.” He muttered and fired his pistol. Immediately, deck became bustling with angry crew members. But before he was about to fire another bullet, a voice rang out from the back.

“Mr. Hitch, I would suggest you leave this ship. Or this friend of yours is going to wish he never met you.”

The lady was standing outside with a half-naked Jonin’ gagged and tied. Jackeye stared at her with his face slightly flushed.

“Motherfuckin’ god, Jonin’ what the fucking hell happened to those sailor knots!”

The End

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