Jackeye: Men Killed and Bets PlacedMature

Nevermore, a magical triangle of islands in the middle of the Pacific hidden from human civilization is a place where you can't age and neither can you stay dead.
So, when "24" year old Jackeye places a crazy bet with Fleck, a hidden secret gets discovered: the shield is tearing.

Jackeye was sitting in the bar, when someone opened the door with a slam. Everyone turned and stared at the new arrival.

“Where’s that whoreface?” The man yelled, his hand brandished the pistol the gleamed dangerously on the side of his belt. There was a silence. “I said where is that whoreface! I’ll shoot you all if you don’t answer!”

Everyone continued to remain silent. The man became impatient and started taking out his gun. Jackeye suddenly stood up nonchalantly.

“This whoreface that you’re talking about,” He stared at the man levely, “Is right here.”

The man stared at him wide-eyed.

“Jackeye...” His voice wavered slightly.

“Yeah, I stole that precious ring of yours. Want it?” He waved a golden ring at the man, tossing it lightly in the air. The man looked at it hungrily and nodded. “Too bad.”

Jackeye caught it and hid it quickly.

“Come get it if you want.”

The man growled and lunged forward, firing the pistol at him. Jackeye dodged the bullet nimbly and jumped behind him. He took out his pistol and aimed at the back of the man’s head.

“Is that all you got?” He raised his eyebrow. The man whimpered slightly. Jackeye watched the man shiver and laughed silently before he pulled the trigger. The man screamed and fell dead on the ground, with blood streaming out of his neck. “Wimp.”

Some of the pirates picked up the dead body and hauled it away. The guy would probably be back up and running in a few days, though getting that bullet out of his head would be quite a struggle. Jackeye looked at the small golden ring in his hand. All this for a stupid little ring. People really didn’t know what was important anymore.

He shook his head as he made his way back to his table and sat back down. Jonin’ was grinning at him.

“You shot anoder one ca’tin?”

“Yup. That makes three.”

“It did ‘im right, goin’ ‘round callin’ you a whoreface. I woulda been mad too.”

“Well, we got rid of him didn’t we?”

“Yeah ca’tin.”

As they talked, a familiar face leaned over the table. Jackeye looked up and grinned

“Fleck! How are you?”

“Poor, dat’s what.”

“You lost again?”

“Dem stupid beggars gotta be cheaters. I think they just be cheating all my money out my pocket. I know I ain’t that bad.”

“Well, what are you going do?”

“Git money. Look, Jackeye, I got dis plan. Now if you’d like to work with me, I’ll split the profits wid you, fifty-fifty. You hear me?”

Jackeye leaned in curiously.

“Tell me.”

Fleck looked around before continuing.

“You know that guy? Dat guy that hasn’t died yet?”

Jackeye nodded.

“Gremlin? That jackass that took the Gale? Yeah, of course I know him.”

“Well, dere’s dese people that wanta go and kill him. Then loot his cave while he was dead.”

Jackeye nodded cautiously.


“So, I thought, why not tag along and help ‘em?”


“The Rogue Crew.”

There was a pause as Jackeye stared at him incredulously.

“You think I would work for them? They don’t even know north from south!”

“Well, I- I just thought-”

“How about this Fleck,” He cut him off rudely. “Let’s make a bet. I win, I get half your profits, if you even get any. If you win, you get everything of mine.”

Fleck nodded eagerly, his shaggy brown hair bobbing up and down. Fleck just loved bets.

“Let see who can get there first and kill Gremlin.”

Fleck thought about it for a moment before he stuck out his hand.

“Alright. Deal.”

The End

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