I went and got Samiel a knife from the kitchen, still not quite used to the feeling of a beating heart inside my ribcage. It was still vaguely painful considering the muscle hadn’t been used in over a hundred years but I wouldn’t have to put up with it for much longer.

“You’re making the wrong choice” I heard Life whisper in my ear, her voice almost pleading.

“No I’m not” I hissed, too quiet for Samiel to hear, and made my way back over to her.

“Lie on the floor” she whispered, a scared look on her face.

I did as she instructed, ignoring another of Life’s efforts to convince me to change my mind and keep my mortality. She almost looked pained as she held the knife directly above my heart.

"You have only 2 minutes to grabs the sword and get out"

"Sword?” I asked, arching an eyebrow. What is this, Legend of Zelda?

"Oh did I leave that out? Two minutes" she said, plunged the sharp piece of metal straight into my heart.

I’d braced myself, expecting there to be a fuckload of pain but there was nothing. I winced a little as a shock of electricity ran through me but other than that, it was overall a painless experience. I tried to open my eyes since everything around me was dark and I must’ve shut them when Samiel stabbed me. But after a while I realised my eyes were already open. I stumbled around in the blackness for a while, wondering if I’d gone blind, when there was a faint glimmer of light above my head. It twinkled once before fading into nothingness once more.

“The fuck...?” I said to myself, seeing another light like it a little further up.

I headed towards it, hearing the sound of my shoes shuffling against stone beneath me. I stumbled a little and put out my hand to steady myself, grazing my palm on the rough wall of wherever it was I’d ended up. I felt the cool stone beneath my hand, ignoring the sting coming from my hand. I headed towards the light again, watching curiously as more appeared til eventually they lit up my surroundings. I was in a cavern of black stone. The jagged marks in the stone told me it was a cavern made by man, not nature, and it led to what looked like a great hall. Mounted in the middle of the room was a sword, more of the ethereal lights dancing in the stone below it. I headed towards it, and suddenly the cavern filled with a ticking noise. Not far from the sword was an old grandfather clock, though it was broken in places and didn’t seem to be working. Which didn’t really make sense considering it was still ticking.

I touched the hilt of the sword with my finger, sensing something behind me. I grabbed the sword, putting all the training I’d had as a boy into practice, and swung it round in a clean arc, surely slashing through whoever was behind me. I turned, coming face to face with a shadow. There was a faint split in its body where my sword had sliced through it but other than that, it was unharmed. I knew of shadows, ever since I was a boy I’d been told of them. The dark parts of the soul. And now that  had my soul back, all the dark, depraved things I’d done were coming back to haunt me. I swung at each shadow, doing nothing to stop them from swarming me.

“Move quickly, Robin. Your time is almost up” I heard the sweet voice of Life whisper to me. How was she speaking to me here?

I fought my way out of the shadows, hearing the broken clock strike midnight. I ran towards it, ignoring the pull of the shadows as they tried to follow me. I don’t know how I knew to do it, but I smashed the sword into the face of the clock and whiteness surrounded me.


“Fuck, that hurt" I shouted as I sat up, back in the apartment. Turns out getting stabbed does hurt, you just don’t realise til after you die.

Samiel kissed me sweetly from where she knelt beside me.

"I thought I lost you" she whispered when I kissed back.

I chuckled. "I'm too tough for that"

She kissed me kind of forcefully but something about it made my throat go dry. I looked at her hungrily, seeing a dark aura surrounding her. I’d never bought all that aura bullshit before but I guess this proves it’s real.

"This or me?" she asked, a goblet of black liquid appearing in her hand.

I glanced between them, unsure of what to say.

"Your choice. You can choose one now pick the other later. Alternate between the two, which I would recommend. You'll need a lot of it constantly"

I took the goblet since it was clear enough what I’d have to do to get whatever this “it” was that I needed. She pouted and stood up, moving off somewhere. I drank the delicious liquid, curious as to what it was and why it tasted so fucking amazing.

"So what do I do with this?" I asked, looking at the sword once I’d finished drinking.

"Press the gem, it will shrink into your skin"

I turned the sword over, glancing at the black gem that lay glimmering in the pommel. "Yay?"

"Do it" she mumbled, moving further away. "You can't put that thing down or you'll become mortal again"

I pressed it, trying to ignore the dull ache that crept up my arm as the jewel sank into my skin. Samiel made her way to the open window, sitting in it.

"So what did that do exactly? Because that was some weird shit"

"Killed you and sent you to the caverns of Darkness. You becoming immortal and a warrior of darkness was your own doing"

"Anything I need to know?"

"You need liquid darkness as often as you had needed blood as a vampire. I will put some in the fridge or you could come to me" she said. She mumbled something else though I didn’t quite catch it.

"Same lifestyle, different species. I like it"

She nods and disappeared into the kitchen.

The End

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