Mortal WorldMature

When I woke I felt dizzy but what confused me the most was Robin perched on the edge of the bed a little bit away. "What....Where... Huh?" I say completely confused.

He sorta smiles leaving me in confusion."Hey"

"Are you dead?" I ask coming to the only solution possible.

"Nope" he replies stunning me.

"Then how are you.... Are we in Limbo?" Slowly I'm becoming more confused as each second slowly ticks by and all I can think is that Robin must be dead or how the hell did he get in Limbo? Thats when Robin begins to shake his head sending me into complete silence and reeling into the murky confusion of my mind.

"Are you okay?" Robin is like a whispering echo in my skull.

"I'm confused" I reply, my tongue feeling as heavy as lead in my mouth. Robin chuckles such a joyful sound.

"I'm not reallysurehow to explain it"

I find my hands grabbing him. Then my lips are crushing to his fiercly and I feel warmth spread within me as he kisses back. I find my fingers tugging at his shirt and my whole self trying to pull or push him onto the bed with me. Robin lets me and a feel of joy spreads through me which is when... thump. Beneath my hand the light beat. I stop my breathing ragged. "You..... your..... heart..... your..." I stutter.

Robin reaches back to rub the back of his head nervously. "Oh yeah...."

"You're mortal" I whisper the words cracking on my lips. How? How can he be mortal? What did he do to gain back his soul? He merely smiles and I shuffle away. "I.... I...."

I feel the cold tears on my cheek as they trail like snakes down my face, dripping off my jaw bone and chin. "Samiel?"

"I can't be with you" I choke. The pain of the fact I can't be with a mortal man now that I'm the Mistress of Darkness, an immortal.

"Why not?" he almost demands in shock.

"Cause I'm immortal and you're mortal"

"So I'll beg Death to make me immortal again, no big deal"

"He won't let you. I...I need to go think"

"Please don't go"

I look back at him. "I..... I don't know what to do, Robin. I... I can make you immortal now I am what I am but..... it would mean killing you and hoping I can bring you back before you cross"

"Its worth a shot, right?"

"You could die" I whisper crying my voice full with my pain.

He wipes my tears away. "C'mon, you know me, I'm tougher than that" he says with a smile.

"Okay, we need a knife" I say having taken a deep breath. "I'm going to make you a servant of Darkness"

The End

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