Everything was cold, the walls could even possibly have been made out of darkness. Death had let me wander off but I think its cause he found my reaction curious. That was cause... I had no reaction or any expression on my face. It was, I think, about lunch time when Death came to find me sitting in the garden.

Well, more like a set of rocks and fire. What was it about fire that he loved so much? The destruction? The danger?

"Hungry?" I shook my head which made Death tilt his head. "It's been 7 hours you should be"

7 hours? It only felt like half an hour. "Its night now?"

"In the mortal world? Yes" Death replied leaning against the walls of this.... house, if I could call it that. It was more like a maze. At the mention of the mortal world tears came to my eyes but not the tears I was use to. They were inky black and even had the texture of ink. I looked at them as I wiped them off in astonishment.

"Yes" Death said with a smirk. "Limbo is already changing you. I knew you were the one"

"What?" I say dumbly. He looks at me with a gleeful but dark smile.

"You're becoming the Mistress of Darkness. Darkness will become your nature. You will no longer need blood you can feed of any negative emotion and you will remain immortal"

I looked away sad and felt almost.... lively. My own emotions filled me. No, it was then I felt them. The grieving souls and one... I got to my feet and ran. "Samiel! Wait!" Death yelled.

I didn't listen but kept running. I found him in a natural made den of dead trees. He sat there with his eyes closed but.... alive sort of. Well, he was in a spiritual form. "Elioth" I whispered. He looked up to the sound of his name and his eyes turned sad immediatly.

I almost hummed at the taste of it I'm ashamed to say but it was so pure. "He got you..... Oh my god, I told him he never would that you're too strong and Robin would never allow it but... oh my god" he whispered the words or... was it they were just an echo to my ears.

I burst out in inky tears falling into Elioth lap. He craddled me gently. "Oh, Elioth. You shouldn't of died. I have no one now. No one loves me"

"Robin d-"

"No!" I interrupted. "He doesn't. He loves Death he let him take me. He hardly protested"

"Oh, Samiel" Elioth stroked my hair and just let me cry which is all I wanted to do.

The End

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