"You think I want this!" she screamed. "It means I fucking have to die! It means I have to watch souls beg to live and be dragged onto boats!" She stared into my eyes. "You desire Death... I.... I desire you. I don't want to go"

"Well we seem to have found ourselves in quite a predicament, haven't we?" I said, the icy tone still present in my voice.

"Don't make deals with Death is the main outcome of this" she said, holding me tightly.

I started painting again but she stopped me.

"Robin, please" she planted a sweet, caring kiss on my lips.

As much as I wanted to shove her off me and yell at her for being the one Death wanted, I felt something stir a little in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t... There’s no way I could possibly... I mean, Samiel... And me... I couldn’t have feelings for her, could I?

“What?” I said, putting on my poker face.

"I love you" she whispered, tears streaking her cheeks. "Please at least show me some kind of compassion"

I bit my lip. There was no chance in hell that I felt anything for Samiel. I mean, if I did, Death wouldn’t have had that effect on me, would he? And I wouldn’t have gotten jealous that he wanted Samiel and not me, would I...?

She looked away in shame. "I'm a slut, aren't I? To come begging for your love when I've just allowed another man to take me"

"No, you're not" I blurted out and bit my lip again.

She looked up at me but turned her gaze, the look in her eye saying she didn’t believe me.

"I don't know what to say, Samiel"

"Just.... Robin, do you love me at all or do you hate me completely? I need to know"


She looked at me, her eyes pleading.

"I..." I sighed, "Samiel, I don't hate you but..."

"You don't love me..." she whispered. "I guess I really have lost everything"

"No, I didn't mean... Well, I don't know what I meant" I chuckled kind of nervously.

"I'll be gone in the morning. I'll leave the house in your name and just go" she whispered, turning to walk away.

"Samiel, wait"

She stopped. "What..."

I thought about it for a while, not exactly sure why I’d stopped her. "Let me paint you" I said, kind of smiling.

"I...... I can't...”

"Why not?"

"Death would be furious"

"How come?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

"It’s a precise record of something that can be linked to him"

I shrugged. "So let him take it out on me. Please?"

She pulled up a chair next to me and I smiled.

"Is that a yes?"

She nodded, her expression calm and sad yet kind of pure. She kept her eyes on the floor, tilting her head. I got some paints and a canvas ready, setting up at angle that caught her from both the front and the side.

"Smile a little" I said softly but she shook her head.


"It'd look better if you were smiling" I said once I was done.

"Not like it matters. It will be ash soon" she stood, leaving without even looking at the painting.

I followed her and she stopped, looking confused. I held out my hand to her, forgetting I would’ve been covered with paint. She stepped away from me.

"Robin, what are you doing?"

I shrugged, smiling. "What?" I asked softly when she looked kind of worried.

Slowly she held both my hands in hers, cupping them slightly. I looked at her and she leant up, kissing me lightly before heading for her room. I followed her eventually, finding her sat clutching a locket.

"What's that?"

"It’s mine"

"I guessed that. What is it?"

"I got it when I was born"

I nodded.

She took a deep breath and came over to me, pressing the locket into my hand. "You may as well have it"

"I can't take this" I said, trying to give it back to her.

"I can't take it" she snapped. "I can't take anything. I'm losing everything"

I hugged her, not letting go as she cried. She leant up after a while, kissing me. I kissed back, ignoring as her tears made it kind of slimy.

"I don't wanna go" she said.

"I don't know how to help you"

"Nothing can be done. I made the deal"

"What was it? Maybe there's a way out of something"

"I swore on my freewill he would never be able to take me"


Samiel looked down in shame.

"Sorry" I said quietly.

"It was my fault" she said, hugging me.

Samiel hugs him.

I hugged back but she pulled away just as Death appeared, a smirk on his gorgeous lips.

“Ready then?” he asked and Samiel nodded. "And you asked for a few days"

"I don't have anything here" she whispered.

I watched as Death pulled her over to him forcefully, gritting my teeth as she winced at how tight his grip was. He winked at me and even though I was angry at him, it still made me a little weak at the knees.

"Want me, call. Want her, call for darkness"

Samiel winced at that as well and I glared at Death.

"Problem?" he asked. "It’s not as if you love her"

I glared again.

"Good thing, too. I'm not allowed to mess with wanted souls" he chuckled, pulling Samiel into his arms and kissing her.

I looked away and the two of them vanished in a burst of fire, the flames scorching the floor. Which was when an idea hit me.

The End

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