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The next few days after the whole thing with Samiel were disgustingly awkward. Samiel avoided me like the plague and I was too proud to apologise. Not that I knew what it was I’d done to begin with. I’d been all geared up to fuck her and then she just walked out. I thought that was what she wanted?

After the third day of this, I gave up and went out for the night. The alcohol coursing through each pitiful humans veins only served to get me drunk quicker, and as a result, my feeding started to get sloppy. I took too much from one girl and left another bleeding on the dance floor, unaware of what had just happened. By the time the night was over, I’d consumed enough alcohol to kill even the strongest man. And needless to say, it showed.

I stumbled into the apartment sometime in the early morning, giggling though at what I had no idea. Samiel was sat on the couch in just a shirt, probably one of Eli’s, eating those nasty hot dogs in a fucking tin. Who in their right mind would fucking eat those?

“Robin?” she asked, putting the tin down on the table.

Who else would it be? I giggled again, still not entirely sure what was so funny.

“You’re drunk” she said, standing up.

“Indeed I am”

She shook her head. Don’t act so high and fucking mighty, bitch.

“What?” I slurred.


“Why what?”

“Why are you still being reckless?” she snapped, sounding confused.

“Because it’s fun?” Not that you’d know anything about that.

She sighed and walked past me while I kept on giggling. Samiel turned and growled at me.

"Stop that!"

It just made me giggle more. Well, it did til she slapped me. That just made me pull out the hurt look.

"What was that for?"

"For being like this!"

"So for being myself, then"

"No, drunk!"

"Yeah. What's your point?"

"You're being stupid" she said, turning to leave again.

I grabbed her arm and she flashed me an annoyed look.

"Let go"


"Let go or I'll make you"

And then I kissed her. No idea why, I just felt like. Probably because of the booze. And the blood. She tensed at first but relaxed and I led her towards my room, doing my best not to stumble in my stupor.

Samiel stopped, though. "Robin, what are you doing?"

I shrugged. She swallowed and let me pull her along, pushing her down on the bed gently. I crawled over her, smirking as her breathing sped up. She looked away from my eyes and I kissed her again, kind of drunkenly. She kissed back slightly and I started undoing her shirt, smiling as she undid mine. She undid my pants and sort of hesitated.


"I... what do you want me to do?"

"Well I was thinking sex'd be nice but y'know" I shrugged.

"Oh.... okay" she whispered, pulling off my pants and boxers.

I hummed, stripping her. She still couldn’t look at me, though. Not that I was all that fussed. Sex is sex, nothing more to it.

"Gonna get on with it?" she asked.

So I did. She moaned every now and then but it just seemed like she was moaning for the sake of it. It was... kind of boring, if I’m honest. Which was when an idea hit me.

"I have an idea" I hummed.


I stroked her cheek and suggested drunkenly "How 'bout we get Death involved, eh?"

"What? No!"

"Why not?" I said, kind of upset.

"That’s just.... no" she turned her gaze and started to pull away.

I tutted and said in a kind of sing-songy voice "Oh Gorgeous, get up here"

Death appeared with a smirk. Samiel raced out of the room and Death followed her.

*Death appears but merely smirks. Samiel races out there. Death follows her

"Get back here, asshole" I pouted and he stopped.

He mirrored my pout. "Oh come on"

I whined, determined to get laid.

"I haven't seen her naked in years" Death sighed.

"You haven't seen me naked ever"

Death looked me up and down. "Hmm"

I kind of smiled, not really sure what to make of his reaction.

He sighed again. "Fine," he wandered over and pinned me down, "But I never, ever bottom"

"I wouldn't expect any less" I smirked.

He stretched me and pushed in quickly. And fuck, it was amazing. I’d never let anyone top me before and after this, I wouldn’t even think twice about letting anyone other than him top. He got up to leave once he was done and I giggled a little, almost feeling like one of those stupid teenage girls. Death just rolled his eyes.

He stretches Robin and takes him quickly, complete and utter pro

"Sex maniac"

"Oh c'mon, you can't tell me you didn't enjoy that" I slurred.

"I enjoy a lot of different types of sex" he said and wandered out into the hallway.

I lay there smiling as I played it back in my head. Fuck, he was good. Then again, I knew he would be. He’s Death, how could he not be amazing in bed? I heard shouting between him and Samiel and wandered out after a while in just my boxers. I stared as I caught sight of Death fucking Samiel against the wall, the remnants of tears resting on her cheeks. Neither of them noticed me, too busy in their own little world and I just kept staring. Remember how I said him fucking me had made me feel like an annoying teenage girl? Well this made me feel like an annoying teenage girl who just walked in on her crush fucking her arch enemy. Death noticed me then, and pulled Samiel into her room. I clenched my jaw as the moaning got louder. I stormed into my room, grabbing a paint brush and covering a canvas in black paint, smearing it with dark browns and reds. I kept painting as the moans ended with a scream, throwing the last couple paintings I’d done out in the hall. I hoped he fucking saw them.

Samiel fucking appeared then, no doubt coming to rub it in. "Robin? What’s the matter?" she asked, in tears.

I ignored her, carrying on with my fourth portrait, just as dark and morbid as the three before it.

"Robin, are you okay?"

I threw my paint brush at her but she dodged it, walking over and hugging me.

"Please don't be angry. Why are you angry? Tell me"

I tried to shake her off kind of weakly but it didn’t work.

"Robin, please, what’s wrong? Was it cause Death took me?" she asked, a pleading look in her eyes.

"What do you think?" I said sourly.

"I can only guess. Please tell me. You've never seemed to care about my actions"

I kind of sniffled. "He fucking wants you"

"Death? Why do you care about him? He wants things that challenge him" I didn’t say anything and she looked up at me. "If it was my choice you could have him, but it’s not mine to make" I still didn’t say anything. "Robin, please! Speak to me!"

I glanced at Death as he appeared in the doorway.

"If you want me to want you Robin.... then physical attraction, I do but... my soul or any emotions I have have only ever been touched by Samiel and only her"

"Great” I said sarcastically.

Death shrugged. "You can have me whenever you want, Robin, just not emotionally"

Samiel glared at him and I kept up my silence. What was there for me to say?

Death looked at Samiel. "You coming then?"

She looked ashamed of something and I watched, kind of confused.

"No, not now. Give me a few days"

Death looked a leetle pissed off. "Fine. See you later, the new mistress of darkness" he said and vanished in his usual burst of ash.

Wait, what did he just call her? My eyes widened and Samiel still wore that look of shame.

"I lost a deal Robin. I have to go down to Limbo with him. Live with him forever like I swore I would if..." she trailed off, sobbing.

"You fucking bitch" I said icily.

The End

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