I walked into the club easily fitting in with my ruffled auburn brown hair cut short. Then my sharp emerald eyes caught sight of him. So lonely, slumped up against the bar in his hand a whiskey. I made my way over. "Hey!" When he turned and looked at me I felt like I'd found the jackpot. He was a vamp no doubt. "Want to dance?" I may have sound over-confident but I really was nervous.

"I'm not the dancing type" I feel like my chances have crashed and I stand there a bit awkwardly, wondering what to do next. "Sorry" he says with a shrug.

"How about I get you a drink?" I say jumping back in.


"What do you want?"

"Whiskey's fine" he says and I quickly grab the barmans attention ordering two drinks. I watch him drink it then my curiousity gets the better of me.

"So... um, are you single?" I ask nervously and my heart leaps when he nods. "Would you like to come back to mine?"

"Sure" he says. A smile breaks out on my face and I wait for him to stand up before leading him out. We get back to mine instantly which is an apartment across the street.

"Want a drink?" I ask as I lock the door.

"Let's be realistic. Did you bring me here to drink or did you bring me here to fuck?" he says sternly. The directness of the question shocks me and I sort of feel uncomfortable.

"Uh, either" I mumble.

"I'd prefer the second one"

"Uh... okay" I say, knowing I now show off that I'm shocked.


"Just... you're very direct" I say beginning to relax again. He shrugs.

"Had to be when I was younger"

"I forgot to ask your name"

"It's Robin"

"Charles" I say then begin to kiss him. Gently but it was still a kiss. I feel thrilled when he kisses back and almost completely forget that we're meant to be getting further than just this. Robin sighs and I feel embarassed. "Oh, sorry" I then go at it. I pin him to the wall kissing him again and unbuckle his belt.

I feel him kiss back, watching almost but I then go down on him and hearing him moan makes me smile. Suddenly he bucks and I gag pulling away. Robin groans. "Why'd you stop?"

"Your buck caught me off guard" I say coughing. Robin smirks apologizing but I just shrug before starting again. I feel his fingers tangle in my hair which makes me hum. Then tug on my hair makes me feel devilish and I stop coming back up to kiss him roughly. The kiss is matched and I pull away to whisper, "Bedroom?"

Robin nods and I lead him into the bedroom, striping him down. "Eager?" Robin asks with a smirk. I smile back and pin him down. I pull off my trouser but not my top not wanting him to see my scars that strangely weren't healed with the change. He raises his eyebrow and I blush.

"Top or bottom?" I mumble.

"Top" He then tries to take off my shirt but I stop him, shaking my head in fear knowing it will also show in my eyes. "Why not?"

"I... I don't want to talk about it"

He merely shrugs and I blush again out of pure embarassment. He arches his eyebrow. "Can we move on please?" I mumble.

"Sure. Got any lube?"

"Uh... side drawer" I say pointing at the bedside table knowing, also, what else is in there. He doesn't seem to acknowledge them but just grabs the lube putting it on then fucking me. It was the best ever one of my life.

The End

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