Cold HeartMature


There's a mist settled in the grave yard. The sound of an echoing bell. No one but vampires can hear it. The final calling of the dead. It echo's around the crossing soul as they are laid to rest in whatever way. Robin walks helping support Elioth's casket. I wish I could be over there but... I dare take a step. It's all my fault. All of this is my fault.

Why did he have to visit me when he knew? Why did Death have to mock me of my sadness within my soul? I watch the process of the funeral and Robin never stops crying once. As the funeral comes to an end and people start to wander off in their packs, alight rain begins to fall. Only Robin remains. I make my way over and kneel by the grave not caring I get my knees muddy. He doesn't seem to notice me.

"Don't wash out his memory" I say quietly laying down the stem of bluebells I brought. Not traditional but it was Elioth's favourite flower.


"Don't go fuck around"

He continues to stare at the grave. "Who said I would?"

"You're depressed. People mess up at those times" I say with no reply. "He loved bluebells you know"

Robin sniffles and I take that as my que to leave, standing up then beginning to walk off. "Wait" I stop at the sound of Robin's voice and look back. “He wanted me to see you”

I feel pain clench at my heart. Damn it, Elioth. Even when you dead you still manage to be good. “You've seen me” I say then begin to walk off. I hear Robin sigh but that doesn't stop me from leaving. How the hell does Elioth think the guy who broke my heart will be good for me?

“Samiel, I'm sorry” his words make me stop but only in pain. I know he's still staring at the grave and I feel anger.

“You broke my heart. You're not sorry”

“I am”

“Don't lie”

“I'm not”

I shake my head. “At least I know why you turned me down”


“You loved Elioth” I say and notice Robin's sad face. I don't say a word.

“I still do” he says quietly.

I shrug. “I still do” I say as well. I get no reply. “I'll be at your apartment. Elioth left me the deed in

his will” Robin nods and I leave.

The End

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