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Being with Robin was.... right and amazing... and pleasurable....perfect.... and excruciatingly painful now it had ended. It was the best night of my life yes but... thats only cause theres never going to be another. During the sex I had probably moaned to much and I gasped Robin's name quite a lot which resulted now with me feeling embarassed.

I press myself to Robin's side and cuddle him desperately. I find myself tracing patterns across his bare chest. Robin leans down and kisses the top of my head yet... I remain silent as does he.

I eventually stand up and move off into the bathroom. I close the door behind me and sit on the floor. I pull my leg up to my chest and bury my face within them. I feel so fulfilled yet so empty. I'm gonna be leaving Robin behind. I'm leaving my love behind. I'm dragged from my thoughts by a knock at the door but I don't answer.

If he wants to come in the doors unlocked anyway and its not like being this way is different for me. Robin doesn't come in but he does speak. "You okay?" I don't answer. "Eli?" Still I do not answer. He finally opens the door but I still don't speak or move. "Eli, say something" I don't speak but I do look up to be met by Robin's worried face.

"Never again?" I whisper and hear my voice come out feeble and weak.


"I'll never be with you again or be the one that takes you" My voice is once again feeble and Robin moves over to hug me. I'm like a rock though, tense and unmoving. He then kisses my cheek, no reaction stirs within me. Nothing just a slow emptyness filling me.

Robin cuddles me as I feel a excruciating pain all up my arms. I smell blood and.... I realise everycut I've made on my wrist is slowly opening up. Every cut since the change from mortal to immortal. Robin's face turns confused and I know I have to tell him again. "I love you, Robin"

"I love you too"

"I think I have to go now" I tell him simply and his arms around me tighten. "Robin.... don't cry, okay?" Robin shuts his eyes and suddenly I begin to panic. Tears begin to fall. "I don't wanna go"

Robin kisses my cheek. "Don't cry, gorgeous"

"I can't" I whisper. I literally can't the tears of blood trail from my eyes.

"Please" he says almost crying"

"I really can't...."

Robin begins to cry and he gives a small laugh. "Look what you've gone and made me do..." he says holding me tighter.

"Don't let her come"

"I won't"

"Don't get my mum come"

"I won't"

"Robin.... go see Samiel when I'm buried, okay?"


"She'll love you" I whisper my voice becoming gaspy. Its so hard to breath why is it so hard to breath?

"I don't want her, I want you"

"But I'm dying Robin"

I get nothing.

"Please, Robin.... I.... will.... be watching. Promise... m-me" I struggle and even choke on my words barely getting them out.

"I promise" he says crying.

"I..." Things going black. "Love...." Why must the end come now? "You...."


The End

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