We're Going OutMature

"Robin! We're going out" Elioth announced, skipping into the living room.

"When did we decide this?"

"I did. Come on" he skipped off to have a shower while I stayed on the couch.

He came back, making me look decidedly slob-like. My hair was messed up and there was paint on my shirt. Oh well, I didn’t really want to go out anyway.

"Robin! Get ready"

"I am ready" I whined.

Elioth pouted and disappeared into my room. He came back with a comb and a clean shirt, shoving them into my hands.

"Do I have to?"

"Yes. I have plans tonight" he blushed.

I arched an eyebrow.

"Just put it on and comb your hair"

I sighed, putting the shirt on but leaving my hair as it was. Elioth pouted at that.


We went to the same bar as before but this time Elioth pulled me into a booth, sort of pushing me into a seat.

"Drink?” he asked.


He nodded, going off and fetching two glasses. He put them down on the table in front on me and sat on my lap.

"You appear to be in my lap" I said, sipping at my whiskey.

"Yes I do" Elioth said, starting to unbutton my shirt.

I watched him, tilting my head as he kissed my neck. He started palming me but stopped, turning and taking a huge gulp of his drink. I cleared my throat.

"Yes?" he asked quietly and I tutted. "What?” he blushed.

"Nothing" I said, drinking a little more of my whiskey.

Elioth looked down at his glass. "Robin.... I'm scared"

I looked at him. Why was he scared?

"I... I was going to.... tonight but..... I don't want to rush just cause of my needs"


He blushed. "I..... I love you. I don't want to waste my last chance being with you fully"

I cuddled him a little and he hugged back.

"How long do you have left?" I asked, ignoring the guy watching me from the other side of the bar.

"I don't know. Death said it could happen any moment. Anything could trigger the final stage"

"Final stage?"

"Um.... I bleed to death"


Tears began to drip from Elioth’s eyes. They consisted of blood, as seemed to be the norm lately. I rubbed circles on his back while the guy kept watching me.

"Don't cry, man"

"A guys staring at you" he sighed once he stopped crying.


"It’s annoying"

I shrugged, finishing my drink. He’s allowed to stare, it’s not like anything would come of it. If anything, he was probably staring because there was a guy sat on my lap. Elioth leant in and kissed me kind of possessively. I kissed back slightly, grabbing his hand when he started palming me again.

"Eli, leave my dick alone for like five seconds" I laughed slightly.

"No" he moaned. "I.... I need you"

I sighed and he kissed me again, sliding off my lap and onto his knees. Oh God. He went down on me and I whined.

"We're gonna get kicked out"

"No, we won't. No one can see" he mumbled, still sucking on my member.

"Trust me, someone can always see"

"Only that guy and I don't care"

"Well I care"

Elioth pouted. "Why?"

"Because I do" And because he looks like he’s enjoying it.

Elioth stopped, sitting on my lap again. I leant my head on his shoulder and he hummed, kissing my forehead. He hugged me and I hummed a little.

"Can we go?" he asked.


He stood pulling me up with him. We started heading out of the bar when the guy who’d been watching me stopped me.

"Hiya, you wanna get a drink?" he asked.

"Maybe some other time" I said quietly.

Elioth flinched and the guy slipped his number into my pocket before walking off. I threw the number away once we were outside and the pained look on Elioth’s face replaced itself with a smile. I’m kinda glad he didn’t know I have a knack for remember phone numbers. He kissed me sweetly and I kissed back.


Elioth went straight to his room when we got home. I guess he just wanted to get bed or something. I flopped down on the couch, wondering what shitty sitcoms were on when I heard my name being called from Elioth’s room.


"Come here"

I made my way to his room and was instantly pinned against the wall by a naked Elioth. I was kind of shocked by it all, which I think anyone would be, and he kissed me hard.

"Take me, please"

"I thought you wanted to wait?"

"I can't..... I.... I need you"

I sighed.



Elioth kissed me, turning all submissive and I kissed back a little masterfully. He pulled off my shirt and froze. Wow, didn’t know I was that ugly. I arched an eyebrow at him.

"I... I haven't done this with someone I’ve cared for a while. It's... it's usually just sex"

I kissed his forehead. "Think of it as just sex, then"

"I... I can't... my heart can't"

I kissed him softly, shuffling the two of us over to the bed when he kissed back. He looked a little nervous, blushing, and I kissed him again. He kissed back kind of weakly and I couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

"We don't have to if you don't want"

"I do want to" he whispered.

I undid my pants, moaning slightly as Elioth went down on me. He looked up at me teasingly and I pulled him up for a kiss.

"I love you, robin" he said and I hummed.

"I always wanted you to say that"

"Well then, I'm saying it now. I'm also saying take me"

I lay him down on the bed and he looked frightened all of a sudden. I kissed him softly.

"Don't be scared"

"But this is it.... my last time ever"

I smiled a little. "So don't be scared. Just go with it and enjoy it"

He nodded, kissing me sweetly. He groaned as I stretched him, slipping off my pants and boxers. I felt around for some lube, still stretching him. I lubed up and pushed in, determined to make this the best night of his life.

The End

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