Amusement ParkMature

“Are you doing anything today?” I asked Elioth a couple days later.

"Huh?” he asked, looking confused.

"Today. Are you doing anything?"

"Um, no... why?"

I hummed. "No reason"

He shrugged and went back to making his lunch. I smiled as I thought over what I had planned out and apparently he noticed it.

"Why you smiling?"

"No reason"

"Tell" he whined.

I laughed. "It's nothing, go back to your lunch"

He pouted. “Soup’s okay, right?”

I nodded and he put two bowls of vegetable soup down on the dining table, along with two spoons. He sat down and I made my way over, sitting opposite him. He smiled and started eating. I played with my soup more than eating it and Elioth frowned.


“Eat. I spent ages on that”

“I’m not all that hungry” Because rollercoasters make me feel nausesous.

“Oh” he pouted.

“It’s nice, though” I smiled.

“Thank you” he smiled back, stroking my leg under the table.

I tutted. Today’s supposed to be getting you to forget about me, Eli.

“What?” he moaned, moving his hand to stroke my inner thigh.

“You’re kinda molesting me there, Eli”

“You said one more time” his hand inched closer to my crotch.

“Not right now, though” I laughed.

“Why not now?” he asked, his hand moving to my crotch.

“Because I’ve got something planned”

“Huh?” he asked, looking sad.

“We’re going to the amusement park” I smiled.

"Oh!" his sad expression turned into a smile. "Yay!"

He jumped up, racing to his room to get dressed properly. I chuckled as I waited. He came out almost instantly, fully dressed and looking like an excited child. I laughed at the sheer sight of him.

“Go, go!”

I shook my head as I got up. “You’re so impatient”

"No, I'm excited" he said, hugging me tightly.

I hummed. "Come on then"


I smiled as I watched Elioth whizzing around like a child, his arms spread out like wings.

"Come on" he said, spinning around.

"Where to?"

He pointed at probably the world’s biggest rollercoaster and I nodded, trying to mentally prepare myself for it. Did I mention rollercoasters make me feel nauseous, right? I did? Oh good. He grabbed my hand and ran towards it. I couldn’t help but chuckle. Elioth jumped while we waited in line and I smiled. He wrapped his arms round my waist and I laughed.

“Get off”

“No” he pouted, kissing me.

A couple people sent glares and disgusted looks our way but Elioth didn’t seem to care.

“Eli, cut it out” I groaned.

“No. Let me have fun”

I sighed. You don’t need to kiss me to have fun, Elioth. He persisted, kissing me again but I still didn’t kiss back. I wasn’t ready for the hurt, yet. We finally reached the ride and Elioth whooped as we got on. I tutted, trying not to laugh as he almost jumped when the coaster started up. I just felt sick. He patted my leg.

“Just scream and have fun”

Elioth had the time of his life on that ride. I spent the entire time wishing I was on the ground watching. When we were finally back on the ground, Elioth spun around giggling. I just clutched at my stomach, thankful for not eating my lunch. He skipped over to me, asking if I was okay. Do I look okay, Eli? Do I?

"I hate them. I don't know why I agreed to go on it, they've always made me nauseous"

Elioth hugged me, rubbing my stomach. I was a too busy feeling sick to really notice it but now that I think about it, he was rubbing my stomach a leetle too close to my crotch. He started palming me and I bit back a whine.

"Eli, get off"

He sighed and let go. "You said one more and you keep saying no!"

"I'm hardly gonna fuck you here, Eli"

“Why won’t you at least flirt, then?”

I sighed. “Palming me isn’t flirting”

“Fine, can’t you let me sexually touch you?”

“Not in an amusement park” Isn’t that illegal or something?

He pouted but turned and checked the stupid photos they take. Apparently he decided he was buying ours. I looked at it and saw Elioth screaming and having fun. And then there was me, shrunk back into my seat and looking just about ready to projectile vomit what little was in my stomach.


“Memories for you” he said, stuffing it in his bag and skipping off.

I laughed slightly and he spun round. “Come on”


Elioth flopped on the couch, dumping his bag, shoes and everything except his boxers. I arched an eyebrow and he yanked me down on top of him, kissing and palming me in an instant. I pulled back a little, catching my breath.

“Someone’s eager”

“Shut up” he said, blushing and kissing me again.

I kissed back a tiny bit and he palmed me some more. I moved his hand up to my hip.

“There’s more to focus on than my dick” Because my dick isn’t ready for action yet and you groping it won’t help me get in the mood.

He pouted, biting my bottom lip. I hummed and he just snuggled me. Okay, now where’s this going?

"I'm a bit tired"

I nodded. "Go to bed"

"No! I want to snuggle with you. I want you to hold me and kiss me"

I nodded again. "But go to bed"

He stood, stumbling a little and I rolled my eyes, carrying him to bed. He smiled, closing his eyes and holding me tightly. He hummed as I cuddled him, eventually falling asleep.

The End

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