One more timeMature


When its over I lie next to Robin still and awake while the girls sleep. “That felt wrong”

“Did it?”

“Very” I reply with a shiver. I feel so sick of myself. I only did that to rid myself of the pain I was feeling. Robin shrugs.

“Didn't to me” he says and I flinch. Pain burns strongly in my heart and it hurts badly. “What?”

“I.... I only did it cause seeing you.... it hurt” I say and Robin arches his eyebrow. I look across at him. “You turn me down but fuck a stranger” I lean over and kiss Robin hoping to get a reaction of something. When I get no reaction I move on top of him. “Please”


“I won't ever give up”


“Cause its the last thing I need”

When I get no reply I kiss him again but he continues to do nothing. “Please” I whisper but get no reply again which makes me frown.

“I'm sorry” he says and I find myself tilting my head confused. “I can't hurt myself like that”

“Then I guess I'll just go die” I say and get up beginning to get dressed. Robin sighs and I look back at him. “I love you”

“I know”

“Then why are you not helping me?”

“Because there's nothing I can do that won't hurt me”

“But you'll make me better”

“It won't”

“I don't want to die empty” I feel suddenly frightened. Robin bites his lips and I just look down at the floor.

“One time” the words are so quiet. I freeze completely still.


"I'll be with you one more time and that's it. I can't keep doing this to myself"

I find myself completely frozen and in shock that I can't even respond. Eventually I find words in my mouth. “I'm going home” I mutter and leave. Robin doesn't follow and I slam the door behind me. When I get to the apartment I just sit on the sofa legs pulled up to my chest. A few hours later Robin shows up.

Hey” he says quietly. I look at him before burying my face back in my knees. “What's up?”

I'm hurting you” I choke out. No reply. “It's true, right?”

You hurt me when you left”

I'm still hurting you though” I say. Robin sighs and I begin to cry soaking my trousers with blood from my eyes.

Don't cry” I don't listen and continue. “Please” I look up at Robin with blood stained cheeks. He wipes away my tears and I just stare at him. “Please, Eli”


Don't cry” he says and I just look at the floor. I then curl up on the couch and Robin sighs.

Can I have a hug?” I ask. Robin comes over and hugs me. It feel so right just being in his arms.

The End

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