My worsening condition was beginning to frighten me and I began to panic. I later come out dressed to find Robin. “Shall we go to a nightclub?”

“If you want”

“I do” Robin nods and I point at the door. “Or do you need time to change?”

“Nah, what I'm wearing's fine”

I smile. “Lets go then”

We then head towards the club. I pick a club using tons of UV light allowing me to hide in among the glowing people with white clothing. Its completely my scene. Several people dancing, people getting wasted, people kissing. The works.

I follow Robin who heads straight to the bar. While he orders a Jack Daniels I order a vodka shot. Robin downs his then goes to order another but I notice he gets whiskey sour instead. I take another shot. “Robin?”

“Mmm?” I hug Robin and a girl who'd been eyeing him up walks off. “What're you doing?”

“I don't like people eyeing you” I say which gets me a laugh. I find myself pouting and Robin has some of his drink. I see more people looking at Robin and hug him more tightly getting a hum which then tempts me into kissing his cheek. Robin shuts his eyes and I rest my head on his shoulder with a happy sigh.



“Go enjoy yourself. Find someone to take home, you deserve it”

“No, I'm staying with you” I say getting a groan from Robin. I kiss his neck lightly. Robin heaves a sigh and I look up at him. “Problem?”

“Elioth, I'm ordering you to go and find someone else”

“No” I snap.

“Why not?”

“Cause I'm not doing it”

“Why?” Robin says with a groan.

“I don't want anyone else” I say starting to get annoyed but non of this seeps into my tone. Can't he understand how much I've worked out I care about him. Can't he see that I only want him. Apparently not cause he sighs heavily. I hug Robin even more. He downs his drink ordering another one while I remain holding Robin glaring at anyone who begins checking him out.

“Eli, get off”



“No” I repeat and kiss Robin with a passion brought forth by some of the alcohol in my veins even though I've not had much. He doesn't kiss back and I pull away. “I'm not leaving you open”

“I'm not in the mood to fuck anyone anyway”

“I don't care”

“So why'd we come here?” Robin asks. I kiss him again slightly more forcefully. He pushes me off and I find myself hurt.

“Robin” I moan.

“No, Elioth”

I glare furious and annoyed before storming off. I easily find some dealer buying some drug and take it with a relieved sigh. I return to Robin slumping down next to him and I get a small glance. I just sit there which is when two girls stumble over giggling. Robin gets another drink and I try to ignore them.

“Hey, do you two have a place?” one asks, who has bright pink hair.

“No, we're hobo's” Robin says sarcastically which make them giggle. Such an annoying sound.

“Well, we can all have fun together at mine” the pink haired one says again. Robin downs his drink and I just sit silent. “I'm Katie and this is Chrisie”



“That's an amazing name” Chrisie says reaching out to stroke my arm. I don't react to the touch feeling a bit odd yet the touch is nice. Robin rolls his eyes.

“Do you want to come?” Katie asks and Robin shrugs. I stay completely silent because Chrisie's touch has moved to my hips. “Well, we aren't taking no for an answer”

Katie takes Robin's hand and Chrisie takes mine and we're pulled out of the night club. We're pulled along to an apartment. As soon as we get in Katie kisses Robin and I feel Chrisie's lips on my neck. All I can do is look at Katie kissing Robin. I don't really notice my clothes coming off. Robin glances at me and I just frown as I'm begun to be pulled towards a room.

Robin lets Katie pull him as well and we get taken to a bedroom where we're pushed down onto a bed. Suddenly, the girls take an interest in each other and begin kissing. 'I don't like this' I send to Robin mentally but he doesn't notice continuing to watch the girls.

I nudge him annoyed. “Oi,you two don't just sit there!”

I watch as Robin smirks and I feel frightened. “But I'm enjoying the show” Katie smiles and she straddles Robin's hips. Robin grips her hips and I try to speak but then Chrisie is on me kissing me. I notice Robin is kissing Katie and I feel pain. So I just give in and let instinct take over.

The End

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