I stumble back from work feeling completely drained. I feel like a complete zombie and ache all over my body. Not one bit of me isn't tired. I find Robin drawing and slump into the seat next to him. He looks up at me. “So tired” I mumble resting my head in his lap.

Go to bed”

Can't move”

Robin tuts and begins to carry me to bed. I hug his neck tightly which stops him from putting me down. “Elioth, let go”

No, I want you to hold me”

Robin sighs. “Eli”

Please don't go”

I'll only be in the living room”

I need you”

I do. Its why I came back. I was dying”


Physically. I really was dying. I don't know if I still am” Robin arches an eyebrow. “Death told me”

Oh” I just nod feebly. I feel so tired. Am I mumbling? Should I be telling him this? I don't think I should. Oh, crap. “What did he say?”

That I should stop killing myself. I was confused but then I started to bleed again”

What do you mean?”

I pull my blade from my pocket and slit my arm. A fair amount of blood falls before the cut heals. “Oh, I am still dying”

Stop cutting yourself then, stupid”

Nah, that's just a test” I say with a shrug and Robin sighs. “I love you, Robin” I add a small yawn.

I know. Go to sleep”

No” I moan in protest. Robin tuts.

Go to sleep”

Don't leave me”

I'll only be in the next room”

No” I kiss him desperately wanting him to stay. He doesn't kiss back.

Eli, please”

No” I cry. Tears begin to slip down my cheeks. Robin sighs. I kiss him again. He still doesn't kiss back. “Please, Robin”

I'm not gonna lie to you, Elioth”

I need a lie” I say which cause Robin to bite his lips. I look at him pleadingly.

I can't”

I need it. I need you”


I feel tears spill and know I must look like a broken doll. Well, that's how I feel. Once again Robin bites his lip but this time I do nothing. The Robin cuddles me and I cuddle back feeling a small spark in my heart.

I can't lie to you. It won't help”
“It will” I kiss him again and he kind of kisses back which makes me kiss him stronger. He doesn't match that though. “Fuck me” I whisper. Robin hesitates and I kiss him again, fiddling with his buttons undoing them. He kind of pauses and I moan his name annoyed.



It doesn't feel right”

Please” Robin closes his eyes and I kiss his forehead. “Okay. Can you stay with me?”


I smile and point at the bed. We lie down together and I hold Robin tightly before I fall into a deep sleep.

The End

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