Twice in a rowMature


 I lead Zoe up the stairs. She giggles as we occasionally stop to make out. She palms me as well making me moan. When we get into the apartment its not a surprise that Robin is already asleep. I still hush Zoe and we sneak to my room. We strip quickly and soon she's screaming loudly. I totally forget about Robin next door through the thin walls. I hear music on and get annoyed. I excuse myself, possibly very rude thing, and storm into Robin's room still naked. “Do you mind?”

Not really”

I storm up closer. “You won't it me so stop ruining it when I find it” He ignores me and and I force him to look at me. “Robin!” I growl.

What?” he growls back. I kiss him angrily.

Either give it or don't complain”

He pushes me away. “Fuck off”

I pin him down in annoyance. “I mean it Robin” I say then begin to flush at how I'm holding him.

Get lost” he growls.

Um, okay” he says letting him go. He looks annoyed. “Can I kiss you Robin?”

Seriously?” he says. I nod silent feeling embarrassed that I actually asked. He shakes his head. “You really are fucking stupid, aren't you?”

No, I just....” my voice trails off.

Get. Lost” he says. I let a few tears fall before leaving and going back into the arms of Zoe. She frowns at my tears.

Are you okay?” she asks. I shake my head.

Um, I'm sorry. I'm really tired can we... can we just sleep?”

Sure” she says. I lie down and she hugs my waist. She falls asleep quiet easily but for the rest of the night I stay awake. My mind goes over again and again trying to find where me and Robin went wrong.

Zoe's gone when I wake and I stumble into the bathroom. I don't actually notice Robin till the last moment. I blush brightly. “Um...” I mumble. He glances at me and I realise we're both naked. “Um..” I can't seem to even speak.

Did you want something?”
“I was coming for a shower” I stand there almost shocked and completely zoned out of the situation.

You'll have to wait”

Um, can't I join you?”


I have work”

Robin sighs. “Go first”

No, I can't do that”

Why not?” he asks tiny bit annoyed.

You were here first. Why can't we just share?”

He grits his teeth. “Fine”

I step in and try to ignore checking him out but I can't help myself. Robin does his best to ignore me but when I reach for the soap my fingers and arm brush his hip bone. He tenses for a second and I blush turning away. He begins to wash himself and my eyes follow his movement. I see him ignoring me bluntly and I blush brightly.

Stop watching me”

Sorry” I mumble. He goes back to washing himself and I hit my head on the wall at the fact I started to watch again. He finishes washing. “Why am I punishing myself?” I say very very quietly.


Nothing” I say leaving.

I get dressed for work and sit in the living room. Eventually Robin comes out in a little white towel and all I can do is stare. He goes to get food and I find myself following. I watch as he gets toast. I make myself some coffee. “Want one?” I ask

No, thanks” I just nod and my gaze lingers on the skin of his hip bone which is see-able. I find my sexual desires flying to the surface and I'm almost panicked. He then decides to lean on the counter while he eats.

Robin, what you're doing is distracting” I mumble.

Didn't know eating was such a distraction”

You've got a lot of, um, skin revealed”

Big deal” he says and I groan in annoyance. Seriously, this is getting annoying. I try to look away feel my pants tighten slightly from being turned on. Robin becomes very aware and I turn away giving off a heavy annoyed sigh. I watch as Robin begins to clean the dishes.

I need to go to work as well” I moan annoyed.

Go, then”

I can't go like this!” he points at his problem. Robin just shrugs.

Deal with it”

I hate you” I say with a big pout.

So you've said” I walk up behind him and hug his waist feeling him tense beneath me.

This only a friendly hug” As soon as I've said that he relaxes and I rest my chin on his shoulder.

Shouldn't you get going for work soon?”

No” I say bluntly. “I still have a problem”

You have hands, don't you?”

Yeah but I can't be bothered” I sigh. Robin shrugs and I find myself nuzzling his neck “Got to go” I kiss him quickly. “See ya”

I leave before he has a chance to reply.

The End

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