Little Lost BoyMature


 3 weeks.... Why was I going back? I don't know. I felt the need to. I had changed a lot. Met a lot of cute guys. Especially when I spent a week in aussie. Walking into the apartment was like deja vu. Felt strange yet right, a forgotten memory, an old feeling deep inside. I now had an healthy glow to my skin.

I still partied and I was known as a bad boy. I felt like a bad boy. Then I saw Robin on the couch. Aching entered me but no pain. “Hey, Robin”

“Thought you left”

“I did” I laugh. “Its been three week, dude”

“Really? I'd never had guessed” he says his voice thick with sarcasm. I sit on the couch.

“You done okay?” I ask and get a nod. I smile. “Good”

“Did you want something?”

“No, I was just in town. I cam to say sorry really” I mutter scratching the back of my head nervously.


“I'm sorry, Robin. I shouldn't have forced all that on you” I say calmly. Robin keeps his eyes on the tv. I put a hand on his cheek and turn his face towards mine. “Robin?”


I smile. “No changed have you?”


I lean in and kiss him quickly before standing up and walking towards the kitchen. “Wanna catch up? I'll cook. I've learnt a lot” He shrugs and I chuckle. “I'll take that as a yes. Anything you want?”

He shrugs again and I sigh. “Come on, Robin. Work with me here” He keeps watching tv. I storm over and sit in his lap. “Robin” I say annoyed.

“What?” he asks. I pout. “What?” Suddenly, for no apparent reason I kiss him. I seriously wasn't thinking about that at all. He doesn't kiss me back and I palm him through his jeans.

“Fuck me, Robin” I whisper.


“Please. I haven't let anyone touch me since you” I whisper.

“I don't care”

I bite at his neck lightly. “I'll do anything” I whisper.

“I. Don't. Care”

“Please, Robin” I whisper. “You can do whatever you want with me”

“Whatever I want?”

“Yes” I feel almost like this is my apology. My way to show him I'm sorry yet get something I've been dying for.

“I want you to stop fucking around with my feelings!”

“Think of me as nothing then” I whisper and he ignores me. “How am I fucking you around Robin?”

“By showing up here again”

“The apartment is under my name”


“You can't stop me coming back” I mutter palming him harder.

“No, but I can stop feeling anything for you”

Okay” He goes back to watching tv and I begin to unbuckle his jeans. He tries to ignore me but I just pull down his trousers going down on him. It feels more right doing this with Robin whether he cares or not. I've been with a lot of people in the past three weeks that don't care. He still ignores me. Unfortunate for him I've got experience and I begin to go harder. He continues to ignore me some I cut his leg with my nail. Robin frowns at me and I chuckle.

"What're you doing anyway?"

"Hmm, trying to convince you to fuck me"

"Well it's not gonna happen"

I moan. "Why not?"

"Because when you fucked off I convinced myself I didn't care about you"

"So? Why's that stopping you fucking me?"

"It might just make me change my mind"

I sighs. “Come on, Robin” He just looks at me. I lean up and kiss him no receiving anything back. “It won't I promise. If it does. I'm not actually leaving”

No reaction. I begin to jerk him off and tug at his shirt at which receives a sigh. “Come on, Robin” I whisper. He whines.

No, Elioth” I ignore and begin to finger fuck him. “Elioth” he says annoyed.

Yes?” I reply innocently

I'm not going to fuck you. Get off me”

No” I says stubbornly.

Elioth, get the fuck off”

NO!” I shout. He stand up trying to get me off but I just wrap my legs round his waist and hug his neck. He tries to shove me off getting nowhere. “I love you stop it!”

Well I don't love you!”

I don't care!”

What, so you're just gonna fucking molest me?”

I want to prove I'm worthy” I cry feeling the pain start all over again. I shouldn't of come back. I'm turning back all over again.

All you're proving is that you're annoying”

So be it then”

I can feel his annoyance. Suddenly, I'm calm again. I sigh and get off him. I mumble a 'sorry' before racing to my room. I later come out sitting far away from Robin. “I'm sorry” I whisper. I then get up and begin to head out. I need a night on the town. I need to get away from the madness that Robin brings forth from me. That desperation for him.

The End

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