Carnal PleasuresMature

I sat on the couch, minding my own business when Elioth stormed in. He’d gone out again and to be honest, I was getting kind of tired of it. He was joined this time by a blonde guy. The two of them stumbled in, more concerned with making out than actually walking. I glanced at them and bit my lip. Elioth knew how I felt and yet he was still bringing home strangers. Thanks, man. Elioth tugged the blonde towards his room, not even noticing me, and I turned the TV on. I had it up quite loud, hoping it would block out the noises. Elioth noticed that and stopped, blushing.

"Oh, Robin... um, we'll just..." he gestured towards his room.

I nodded, still biting down on my lip.

"Are you okay Robin?"

The blonde seemed annoyed and a little put out. "Maybe I should go" he mumbled.

I shook my head. "No, it's fine. I'll get out of your way" I said, getting up.

"Um, no. I think I should go" the blonde said, leaving.

"Now who am I supposed to do?" Elioth pouted, falling onto the couch.

I shrugged, slipping on my shoes.



"What you doing?"

"Going out"

"Don't go" he whispered.

His eyes, thickly framed in eyeliner looked sad and scared. I ignored him.

Elioth whisper. His thickly framed in eyeliner eyes look so sad and scared.

"Robin!!" he moaned.

He leapt up, attaching himself to my back and I let out a tiny sigh.

"What do you want, Elioth?"

"Don't go"

I shrugged him off, heading for the door.

“Please Robin. I'll do anything if you just stay"

"I'll be back later"

"If you leave I'll kill myself!" he screamed in anger.

I glanced at him. I never thought you’d behave like a spoilt brat. His eyes were full of fear. He almost looked broken, barely able to keep himself standing. I sighed.

"Please" he whispered.

"Look, I'll be back in a few hours"

He shook his head. "No"

"What, I'm not allowed to leave my own apartment anymore?"

"Not now, no"

"Why not?"

"Cause I need you here" he said, pulling me into a hug. "Robin? What’s wrong?" he asked when I didn’t hug back.

"Nothing, I just want to go out"

"Please stay. We can watch a movie or something"

I sighed. "You're not listening"

"Please" he whispered. "I need someone around or I'll break"

"Find someone else" I said and left.


I got back a few hours later with alcohol coursing through my blood and a gorgeous girl on each arm. Elioth looked up as we came in, pain filling his eyes and faint pink scars gracing his arms.

"Ooh, he's kinda cute. Is he joining in too?" one of the girls, a brunette, asked.

“Nope. Sorry, girls"

Elioth looked even more pained and the brunette winked at him

"Maybe I'll come pay you a visit later"

"I don't want you" he said bluntly and she frowned.

"Suit yourself, then"

"Robin.... why?" Elioth whispered, quietly so only I’d hear.

I ignored him, kissing the brunette’s neck seductively.

 “I wasn't going to sleep with that guy. He offered me drugs for a bj” Elioth sent me telepathically but I ignored him again, slinking off to my rom.

The things me and the two girls did reminded me of my youth. Such good times. Granted I’d gotten bored of living that way after a few decades but I had lived my life as a good human being for long enough that I missed my old lifestyle. The casual carnal pleasures with whatever strumpet was willing. Which back in my prime was many. I managed to ignore Elioth’s pain for as long as I could before he focused it all onto me. I stormed out of my room, completely naked and very much aroused to confront him about it.

"Cut that out" I said grumpily.

"No" Elioth sniffled, hiccupping.

"Fine" I stalked back to my room, telling the girls to get dressed and that we were going to one of their places.

The three of us came out after a while, heading for the door. Elioth was curled up on the couch but I couldn’t care less.

"Robin... Don't go" he whispered.

"Sorry, Eli, things to do" I said, making the girls giggle.

Elioth stood, marching over and punching me. "I HATE YOU!"

He ran out of the apartment and I rolled my eyes, heading back to my room with the two girls.

The End

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