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Somehow.... for some reason... I've ended up with Robin well. I think I have. Does fucking a guy mean you're dating? I don't know. I don't really care. I'm an empty shell really. Even if I did start dating Robin I'd hardly feel as strong a feeling for him as I did for Samiel. No matter how better the sex was.

Night falls and I begin to change. I pull on a long sleeve, black, button-up shirt and some slightly tight, black trousers which hang low on my hips even with the studded belt. I then pulls on my heavy bike rider boots. I exit my room and pass Robin in the living room. "Going somewhere?"

"A nightclub" I reply calmly leaning against the wall. "Wanna come?"

Robin shrugs. "Don't mind"

"Okay" I shrug and begin to leave. "I'll be wasted when I get back" I see Robin nod and I leave before Robin says anymore.

I stumble back into the apartment. My skull is pounding and I feel as horney as shit, stupid club had only idiots in it. I go and find Robin in his room. I stumble over and begin kissing him drunkly. He kisses back and I begin tugging towards the bed but Robin doesn't let me.

"I need to finish this" he says and returns to his painting.

"Robin!" I moan like a child and palm him through his jeans. Unfotunately, Robin does his best to ignore me. I undo his jeans and pull them down along with his boxers before going down on him. I admit its not the best performance but I'm out of my mind drunk and in a bit of a rush. Robin moans but still continues to paint. "Robin" I mumble.

"Mmm?" He says painting.

"Please!" I beg.

"Please what?"

"Fuck me" I say bluntly.

"Once I've finished this"

"No, now" I whine light a child begging to go down on him again. Robin groans.

"Eli, I need to finish this"

"Do it in the morning" I say with a pout. Robin sighs and I begin to finger fuck him. He continues to ignore me so I go down on him at the same time. Yes, I'm really that desperate. Robin bites his lips so I go harder which gets a groan. I look up and raise and eyebrow.

"You are terrible" he says with a smirk. I stop with a scowl and stand up.

"Fine" I huff and begin to leave. Suddenly Robin pounces on me and I can't help but squeal.

"Going somewhere?" he asks.

"Aparantly not" I mumble. I feel my heart pounding softly in my chest.

"Thought you wanted me to fuck you"

"Your painting seems more important to you"

"Well, it is making me money"

"Then I'll just go in my room and amuse myself then" I huff with a pout. Robin begins to kiss my neck and I sigh tilting my head so he can reach more skin. Then he pulls me over to the bed. I raise my eyebrow in question. Robin chuckles.


"What about your painting?"

"Wait and see"

I pout and let him lead me along. Robin pulls off my shirt and then I just wait.

"Hold still" he says and goes off fetching some paint.

"Uh, no" I say stepping away.

"Uh, yeah" Robin says with an evil grin. I turn and try to leave when Robin says, "I'll fuck you after" with a small pout. I hesitate and look back at Robin then at the paints. I shake my head. "Please" Robin begs giving puppy eyes.

"No, Robin, the only way you'll be able to paint me is to cuff me down"

"That can be arranged" he says with a smirk. I blush brightly.

"What?" I squeak. Robin then pounces, I squeal and try to dodge but fail miserably. Suddenly, Robin pushes my down onto the bed and ties my wrist to the bedframe. All I can do is stare with wide eyes and pull up my legs. Robin tuts then ties down my legs. "I didn't actually me tie me down!"

Robin smirks. "Well, since I've got you where I want you we might as well make it a full body piece"

"No!" I protest. Robin doesn't listen and removes my boxers and pants. I find myself suddenly sober and a bit scared. I watch as Robin dips his fingers into a blob of blue paint and draws a line down my stomach. I moan in annoyance but relax. He paints patterns all over me and leaves my hardened dick till last. I'm blushing madly at the fact him painting on me has turned me on. Robin giggles and I pout.

"Meany!" I moan.

"You love it"

I blush even more at the fact he's right and stay silent. Suddenly, Robin leaves coming back with a canvas.

"I think this will be big enough"

"For what?"

Robin unties me. "Just trust me"

"With what?" I stand up and its then Robin presses me agains the canvas leaving an imprint. I blush brightly and go totally silent lying once again on the bed still. Robin lies down next to me but I don't registar it. He then cuddles up to me and still I remain like a log. Then I feel his lips on my neck. I tilt my head but thats it.

"Still want me to fuck you?" he asks. I turn my head to look at him.

"Can I fuck you?" I ask. Robin shakes his head and I roll away curling up. "Then no"


"I'm not in the mood now"

"Oh... okay"

"I'm going to my room" I mumble standing up and leaving. I hear him sigh behind me but I just leave and pass out on my bed.

The End

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