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I tried to get Elioth calm down and Robin offered to help very occasionally. I told him it would be better if he stayed away. Problem is.... I was getting bruises. Rare for a vampire but not impossible if the skin got damaged enough. Usually it would heal in a moment but Elioth smacked me across the face enough, telling me to get out, that I got one bruise on my left cheek.

A week had passed and Elioth's behavior changed to late night partying. He came back with the smell of death on his skin and hyped up with blood. I was having enough. I walked into the living room and felt so weak and strained. I'd been using a lot of telepathy to keep Elioth calm.

I notice as I come in Robin's sat sketching. I collapse onto the sofa and my head falls onto his lap. Robin glances down at me and I turn the cheek with the bruise away remembering he hadn't seen it. I'd been avoiding Robin quite a bit. "How is he?"

"Same but he has resorted to late partying, drugs and blood" I mumble with a blush. Being this close to Robin after the distance I'd been putting made my feelings rush back at me full force and hit me with a heat. Robin continues to draw.

"Let him. Its his life he's wasting"

"I can't... I feel so guilty" I mumble sitting up. I find myself wrapping my arms round Robins firm figure and resting my cheek on his shoulder. I feel Robin tense but he doesn't stop drawing.


"Don't what?"

"Feel guilty"

"Hmm" I mumble and find myself pressing my nose to Robin's neck. My breathing becomes heavy as I begin to feel the intimacy. Robin chuckles and then, slowly, I begin to kiss his neck, nipping the skin. Robin tilts his head a little, allowing me to kiss his neck more, but other than that shows no signs of anything and continues drawing. I let one of my hands begin to fiddle with the buttons on his shirt. "What are you drawing?"

He turns the pad towards me and I tense. Cause I'm looking at a perfect mirror image of me. I look up at Robin confused hoping he'll say why. He shrugs. "I didn't feel like drawing a memory"

I don't know why but I reach up and stroke his cheek. Then traces his lips before kissing them softly. As Robin kisses back and pull the pad from his fingers. I drop it on the floor before pulling Robin down over me as I lie across the sofa.

"What are you doing?" Robin asks.

"I want you to kiss me" I whisper gripping his shoulders firmly but gently.


"It makes me feel content" I watch as he hesitates before kissing me. I smile when he does and let a hand slip behind his neck to hold his head close. My other hand begins to slowly undo the buttons of his shirt. I can almost tell he isn't comfortable with my actions and just kiss him. I pull away a moment to whisper, "You should stop turning me down"

"What can I say? I'm old fashioned"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means intimacy outside of wedlock seems odd to me"

"Well, thats not fun. Do you always stick to these beliefs?"

"Maybe not so much in my youth"

"Can't you make an exception for me aswell?" I ask lightly and he bites his lip. I begin to kiss his neck and bite knowing a hickey will form. He tuts.

"Isn't that supposed to be my job?"

"I'm possesive" I mutter gripping his hips tightly. I feel want and desire stir through me. I almost feel like I've made a massive break through. A step closer towards Robin but I know I'm getting my hopes up. He smirks and I smile back biting my lip. Robin chuckles and gives me a small kiss which I return a lot more strongly. I feel him run a hand through my hair and feel instant warmth within me. Robin pulls away and I just look into his eyes.




I tilt my head waiting for him to continue.

"I can't do this"

"Okay" I say simply and wrap my arms around him burying my face in his shirt to hide my disapointment. He sighs.

"No, I mean I can't do this"

"Being with me?" she chokes.

"I'm not even sure if I feel anything for you, or whether it's just because you remind me of my fiance"

"I don't care" I mutter and he sighs. "Really, I don't"

I truly didn't as long as I had him to go to in my times of pain and need.... I felt content. Almost blessed.

The End

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