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I must have drifted off at some point because the next thing I knew, Samiel was gone and there was a strange pounding sound coming from somewhere outside my room. Okay, please don’t be having sex. I wandered out of my room and was met with the sight of Elioth beating the crap out of a punching bag with tears streaming down his face.


He stopped punching and looked at me with red-rimmed eyes. "She left"


"Samiel.... she left"

"How come?"

He slumped to the floor. “She came up to me said that she couldn't be with me cause it would be using me since she cared for someone more, then just.... just walked out the door"

"Man, I'm sorry"

"I love her.... even now" he started sobbing.

He looked up at me when I didn’t really know what to say.

"The love of my life just walked out on me"

"I'm sorry"

"It’s not your fault mate"

"Yeah, I know. Man, you know I'm no good with emotional stuff"

He looked at his hands. "I didn't even care she was a vampire"

I was quiet and he stood up, moving into the kitchen. I stayed where I was til the scent of blood reached my nose. I dashed into the kitchen. Elioth had slit his wrist with a knife. I grabbed the phone, calling an ambulance before tearing off my shirt and wrapping it around his arm tightly. I held his arm up to slow the blood loss but he just yanked it away.

"Get off" he growled, stumbling and falling to the floor.

I held his arm up again, hooking an arm round his waist so he couldn’t move away.

"Get off!" he yelled. "Why don't you just let me die?!? Hell, feed from me. You may not waste the blood!"

"You're my friend, idiot"

"Friends aren't worth nothing when I have a broken heart"

"It'll get better"

"No, it won't!"

"Want to even the playing field?" an all too familiar voice asked. Death.

"You can fuck right off" I snapped at him.

He smirked at me then turned back to Elioth. "Want to win her back? Want to have eternal youth and be able to have her heart forever? I can grant you the chance" he pulled out a scroll.

"Yes" Elioth whispered.

"Eli, don't you dare" I warned.

Death flicked a hand at me, sending me flying back. He unrolled the scroll, holding it out to Elioth. "A drop of blood"

Elioth lifted up his slit wrist, holding it over the scroll.


Elioth glared at me.

"Yes" he said, tilting his wrist so a drop of blood fell on the parchment beneath him.

Death smiles and the scroll vanished. He pulled out his scythe, stabbing it into Elioth. Elioth screamed out in pain but only for a moment. Elioth was visibly pale but he looked the picture of health when Death pulled out his scythe. I glared at Death and he just smirked.

"This might be fun to watch" he said, vanishing in a cloud of ash.

Elioth admired his new form and I shook my head. He looked at me, smiling.

"I'm never gonna die" he whispered, amazed.

"Don't ever assume that"

His smile turned into a scowl. "Can't you at least be happy for me? I could get her back" he dipped a finger in the blood that pooled on the floor. He licked it off and shrugged. "I can get used to it"

He looked at me, shaking his head as he stood up when I kept silent.

"I think I should change before I go don't y-"

"Elioth! Robin!" Samiel's voice called.

She walked into the kitchen, freezing at the sight of us. Fury flickered across her face. She glared at me and then looked at Elioth.

"What have you done?"

"He's an idiot"

Elioth pouted at me, turning to face Samiel with a smile. "I did it for you"

"I told you Elioth. I can't be with you. I love someone else more"

"Who? I'll kill him!" he asked furiously.

Samiel looked shocked and frightened. "What's happening to him?" she asked me.

"He's jealous. And ridiculously strong because he's full of blood"

She looked frightened. Elioth suddenly moved to stand in front of her. "I want to be with you, Samiel"

"I can't" Samiel said, taking a step back.


"I'm in love with someone else" tears fell down her cheeks.

"Who?" Elioth demanded, grabbing her shoulders roughly.

"Eli, calm down" I said.

He glared at me. "Stay out of this"

"He can't" Samiel whispered.



"He's what?" he asked, slamming her into a wall.

I grabbed the back of his shirt, pulling him back a little. "Calm down, idiot. You'll end up killing her"

Samiel looked at me. "I need to tell him"

My face was blank as she looked at the floor.

"Robin's the one who I love more. I can't be with you cause I love him and... You can't blame him. It’s my fault. He doesn't care for me"

Elioth let go of her but spun round, pushing me back.

"No!" Samiel screamed.

Elioth went to punch me but I grabbed his fist. He brought his knee up into my stomach but he suddenly convulsed, letting out a scream. He fell to his knees and Samiel stood behind him, her eyes wide.

"Let him go" I said, rubbing my stomach.

Samiel stared at me in shock. "He'll hit you again. Punch to the stomach. Kick to the ankle"


A tear fell down her cheek but she slowly looked at the ground. Elioth jumped up, going to punch my stomach just as she’d said. I pinned his arms behind his back before he had a chance to do anything.

"Eli, calm down"

"You stole her from me! I knew I shouldn't of shown her to you. You bastard!"

Samiel began sobbing into her hands.

"How the fuck did I steal her from you? I don't feel anything for her"

"She likes you, though. That’s all that matters!"

"I'm so sorry. So so sorry" Samiel cried.

I didn’t say anything as Elioth yanked his arms away. He stormed out, punching Samiel in the face on his way out. I kept up my poker face as she stood there, shocked.

"I thought he was kidding. How could he?" she asked.

I shrugged, not really knowing what she was on about. She walked over and apologised, hugging me. I shrugged a little.

"It's fine"

"No, it’s not" she whispered, tears falling down her cheeks. "No it’s not"

Remember how I told you I was a heartless rich kid...?

The End

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