I shivered a little as Samiel’s lips brushed over my skin. I didn’t love her, I was certain of that. It must have been the same as with my dear fiancé; just a fleeting attraction for personal gain and nothing more. I felt her start to undo the buttons on my shirt, trailing kisses down the newly exposed skin. I kept my face blank, fighting to keep my undead heart still. She looked up at me, her eyes laced with confusion and determination.

“What?” I asked.

“Why are you so cold?”

“I’ve already told you”

"You're not a heartless rich kid. Look around you. You live a simple life. You have a friend who you live with that holds you so close to his heart. As for me being a bitch.... I can't change that" she smirked.

I chuckled. "If I'm not heartless, why have I never cared for anyone?"

"You haven't found someone who is right for you"

I was silent. I couldn’t be bothered to explain to her that I’ve never cared for anyone. Friends, family, lovers... I never felt anything towards them.

Samiel stroked my cheek. "But you'll only find them if you open your heart"

She took a breath and stepped away. I looked at her, wondering what she was doing.

"I wish I could" she said.

"Wish you could what?"

"Open your heart" she whispered, putting a hand on my cheek.

I shuffled back a little, doing my best to ignore the hurt look on Samiel’s face.

"I'd give up Elioth for you" her voice was soft and barely audible.

She turned, heading for the door.

"I thought you loved him"

"I do.... but.... what I feel for you seems to cancel that out" she hesitated by the door.

I looked at her, confused. She looked at me and smiled.

"Confused? That makes two of us"

I chuckled a little and she raised an eyebrow.


"You laughed"

I shrugged. She turned back to the door and opened it but she hesitated again. She looked back at me, her gaze intense. I looked her in the eye for a few seconds before looking at the floor.

"Do you want me to stay or go?" she asked, confused.

"It's up to you" But in all fairness, I just wanted to paint something.

She looked out into the hall then back to me. She shut the door and walked over to me, wrapping my waist in a hug and hiding her face in my chest. I was kind of shocked by it and she whispered at me to relax. I tried to but it felt wrong. I didn’t have serious feelings for her and I didn’t want to hurt Elioth. She hugged me tightly and I relaxed a little at the feel of someone’s arms around me. I didn’t hug her back, though. She pulled away, taking my hand and tugging me towards the bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked, almost blushing.

"I want to lie down” she pulled me closer to the bed and I bit my lip.

She pushed me down onto the bed and lay down herself, cuddling up to my side and wrapping her arms around my waist again. She rested her head on my chest and I felt myself tense up.

"Shhh" she rubbed circles into my chest in a soothing way, much like a mother would to a child.

"Robin.... how do you think of me?"

I shrugged.

"Please... tell me"

"How should I know?"

"I'm asking for your view about me" she said, rolling onto her stomach.

She lay on top of me, propping herself up on my chest with her elbows. I shrugged again and she frowned. She folded her arms across her chest and rested her chin on her arms, looking up at me with sleepy eyes.

"I wasn't lying when I said your looks were incredible"

I hummed and she smiled, tilting her head so her cheek was resting on her arm.

"You're quite quiet"

"Am I?"

"Yes. Am I making you uncomfortable? Cause I can leave"

I shrugged, looking at the ceiling. I heard Samiel’s breathing deepen, realising she’d fallen asleep. I felt around on the bedside table, smiling when my fingers connected with a stick of charcoal. I shuffled up a little, taking care not to wake her, and starting drawing on my wall.

The End

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