Walk inMature

I lie on the couch with Elioth beneath me. I'm only got on my shorts while Elioth is completely naked. We're kissing heavily.

That's the moment Robin walks in with loads of splinters and wood chips in his hair. "Okay, you two need to have a "don't come in, we're naked" sign"

Elioth blushes brightly. While I just look across at Robin with slightly narrowed eyes. "Nice to know. Can you leave now?" I say. I feel almost empty an raw. A complete emotional wreck. I have no sense of right and wrong only confusing feelings. Robin leaves and goes in to the kitchen

"Um, Samiel, can we move to the bedro-" The words from Elioth is cut off by moans. I smiles looking up at him. "Samiel, uh, Robin's...." I look again up at him with taunting eyes.

Robin comes back in with a beer and puts a hand over his eyes. "I'm not looking. Eli, I totally didn't see your cock"

"Dude, help" Elioth squeaks.

"You asked me to be in charge" I say with a smirk. I move off him and he pulls on jeans.

"I'm decent" Elioth tells Robin. I look across at Robin with narrowed eyes. I watch as he moves his hand.

"Much better. I mean, I love your dick but I don't want to see it when I walk through the door"

"Yeah" Elioth says with a nervous laugh. I pull on me bra but then just sit in Elioth's lap snuggling up to him. Robin drinks some of his beer.

"Can I have one?" Elioth asks. I is trail a finger along his neck.

Robin goes and gets one for him.When he returns I look at him once again with a narrowed yet seductive gaze. Elioth doesn't notice. Robin gives off a poker face and has some more beer. Elioth holds out his hand and Robin hands a beer to him. I continue to gaze at him intently. Elioth smiles. "Thanks" he says and takes a swig. He keeps up his poker and picks a bit of wood out of his hair.

"Where did you go?" I ask. I turn my attention to Elioth's neck. I look at the vein hungrily and traces it.

"Nowhere that'd interest you" he says and I notice a kind of hidden warning tone to his voice.

"Hmm" I whisper.

"How about me?" Elioth asks. My eyes flick back to Robin who shrugs.

"Depends how keen you are on chainsaws"

Chainsaws? Why?" Elioth asks. I begin to feel bored and look at Elioth's neck again.

"Modern art"


"Sure, you weren't angry?" I ask lightly. "Elioth"

"Yes, babe?" he says.

"Can I feed from you?"

"Sure" I smirk at Robin then sinks my fangs into Elioth's neck. A muscle in his jaw twitches a little but he keeps up his poker face. Elioth flinches a little but he looks at Robin. "Why didn't you tell me, Robin?"

"Tell you what?"

"That both you and Sammie were vampires" I pull away, having had my fill, and lick my lips. I nestles my head on Elioth's should and looks across at Robin who shrugs. Elioth tilts his head and he flinches. "Ouch, that hurts"

"I hope I didn't take too much" I whisper kissing the puncture marks. Robin merelt picks some more wood out of his hair. I look at Robin with the same look I've been giving him for the past while. He then gives me a look that says 'what?' I smirk then turns to Elioth. "I'm gonna go change" I look at Robin and mouth 'follow' before leaving. Elioth watches me like I'm an angel. I notice before I leave that Robin picks some more wood out of his hair. "I'm gonna have a shower and try and get this out"

I wait for him in his room. I begin examining the painting of the dragonfly "Alright, make this quick" Robin says coming in. I turn round.

The End

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