A few hours later I heard the front door shut. Maybe Samiel had finally gone home. I stepped out of my room for a drink and a break from the fumes but was met with the sight of Samiel. She was sat in the living room, leaning over a sketch pad. She looked up and hid whatever she had been drawing against her chest. I glanced at her.

"You look suspicious"

"Um, no I don’t" she muttered, starting a new sketch on a fresh page.

I looked over her shoulder on my way to the kitchen and saw a very detailed old cottage on the page. She wasn’t half bad.

"You're not all that bad at that"

"I use to sketch as a pastime... I was a sick and weak child" she whispered. "I don't even know what my past is any more, though. I blank it out"

I hummed a little. "Sucks to be you"

She looked back at me. "Sometimes"

I wandered into the kitchen to get a glass of water, silently making my way back over to Samiel as she lay down and looked at whatever she’d been sketching before. It was a drawing of me but she’d drawn me looking very demonic. Thanks for that.

"Wow, you really caught my best side"

She squealed and spun round, hiding the sketch pad behind her back. I laughed a little at that. What’s the point of drawing if nobody is intended to see it?

"You weren't meant to see that" she whispered, her eyes wide.

I smirked and she blushed.

"I... I shouldn't even be drawing you. I should be drawing Elioth n-not you"

I shrugged. "Doesn't bother me either way"

I started heading back to my room but she whispered my name almost too quietly to hear.

"Hmm?" I asked, looking round at her.

She put the pad down and walked over to me. She tilted her face up to mine and stood so we were almost touching. Anticipation sparked between us, all the more tantalising from the lack of touch. Okay, since when did that happen around Samiel? I arched an eyebrow as she reached a hand up, tracing my features slowly with her finger. I watched her with intrigue. She finished by tracing my lips, her finger hesitating there.

"Your looks are quite incredible" she whispered, her voice holding only curiosity.

"So I've been told" I smirked.

She focused on my lips, not speaking. I cocked my head to one side a little and she stood on her toes, leaning up to plant a soft kiss on my lips. I kissed back kind of softly, a little shocked. Slowly, she increased the passion in the kiss, wrapping her arms round my neck. I hooked an arm round her waist and she pulled away slightly, resting her forehead against mine. She let out a gasp.

"Why am I doing this? There's nothing about you I'm attracted to. We're nothing alike. We're..... We’re opposites"

I shrugged slightly. "Either way, you'll no doubt have paint on you now"

She pressed her lips to mine again, strongly yet sweetly. I kissed back a little lazily and she started unbuttoning my shirt. I grabbed her wrists, stopping her before she could get more than a couple undone. Samiel looked me straight in the eye.

"What about Eli?" I asked.

"I don't know" she whispered. "Whenever you're around I..... I don't think about him once. When you're not he's forever on my mind"

"Am I that awesome?" I asked, smirking a little.

"Don't flatter yourself" she looked at my hands. "Will you let go?"

I did so and she started fiddling with my buttons again, staring at her hands.

"I.... I don't know what I'm meant to do. I love Elioth but.... this" she points between them "shouldn't be happening. Yet it is and... on some deep subconscious level I.... I need this"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't feel on edge at all with you. I don't need to worry about anything except the fact I'm with someone else" she muttered, moving onto my next button having undone the previous one.

"Which is exactly why humans and vampires never last together"

"But I love Elioth" she whispered, a tear sliding down her cheek.

"It won't work"

"It has to.... I've never loved anyone else.... ever"

"Samiel, it won't work"

Samiel looked up at me. "I can't even think that" her fingers moved to another button. "If I don't have him then who do I have? Death? I don't want to be his.... I'd rather be dead"

I looked down at her undoing my buttons and she looked too, letting go.

"I'm cheating on him right now aren't I?"


"I cheated on him even before we were serious. What is it about you?"

"How should I know?"

Suddenly Samiel kissed me again, stepping back so she was against the wall and pulling me to her. I didn’t kiss back, too busy being shocked. She pulled away.

"If my lifes gonna be wrecked and worthless I may as well have a reason" she mumbled to herself.

She kissed me again, palming me through my jeans. I pushed her away slightly. I wasn’t used to that kind of intimacy so quickly.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked, her eyes guarded and her expression cold.

I didn’t say anything and she leant back in, kissing me again. She palmed me a little harder and I turned my head, stopping her from kissing me.

"Robin? What's wrong? Tell me"

"This feels wrong"

"Why?" she asked, looking annoyed. "You don't want me with Elioth..... Why are you stopping your only chance to get me to leave him?"

"Because I don't love you"

"I don't care"

"That and I can't hurt Eli like that"

"Well, I won't tell him it was you then. I'll say I fucked a stranger"

"And how am I s'posed to feel when he comes to me for comfort?" I snapped, a tiny bit pissed off at her.

"Either you deal with it... or I'm not leaving him" Samiel stared at me, pulling away and folding her arms. "In fact. Fuck it" she turned, heading back to the couch.

I clenched my jaw and she sat down, starting to sketch something. I glanced over at what she was drawing, not bothering to do my buttons up, and saw a faint drawing of Elioth starting to take shape on the page. Samiel looked up at me, arching an eyebrow.

"What?" I asked grumpily.

"Why’re you still hanging around here?" she asked, picking off some of the dried on patches of paint.

"Uh, I live here, remember?"

"Go and paint then" she said.

She folded one bare leg over the other, obviously trying to show off since she was wearing a pair of white hotpants. I shot a tiny glare in her direction before heading outside. I headed out to a clearing used by a lot of the local art students for their more adventurous projects. They all knew me well and often shared ideas and equipment with me. I found what I wanted; a tree stump and a chainsaw, and set to work hacking away at the wood to make some kind of sculpture.

The End

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