"Fair enough. He has a right to know about you, though" And most likely about me as a result.

"No, he doesn't. Not yet. It’s not like you've told him who you are" Samiel whispered.

"You assume too much"

"Really? Have you told him?"

"Not entirely"

"What have you told him?"

"That I don't age. He's seen me drinking blood a couple times when I've been painting as well"

"Well, I'll take my own time"

That’s wonderful. Now, either you tell him or I do.

"Every relationship has secrets" she said, trying to justify her decision.

I smirked. "Even though you'd be putting his life at risk"

"How? How am I?" she growled.

"Sorry, did I imagine Death stalking you? Did I imagine you being a vampire?"

"Death only stalks me when I'm vulnerable and usually alone. My thirst is in my control"

"There's always a chance you might slip up"

"I never slip up" she snapped. "Not even when I'm... unstable"

I scowled. No matter how old or how strong you are, there’s always a chance you could slip up.

"If you care for Elioth you'd consider his feelings in this matter" she said, trying to pull a guilt trip on me.

"He was fine before you came along"

"Yes but whether you like it or not... He feels as strongly for me as I for him. Maybe even more"

I scowled again and she sighed.

"Back off, Robin. Unless you're about to confess something big and different" she said, heading for the kitchen.

"I love it when we fight" I chuckled.


I shrugged and she turned, walking into the kitchen. She whispered something before she was out of sight though I didn’t hear what she said. I arched an eyebrow and wandered in after her, suddenly wanting waffles. I started making the batter as she set to work cooking a full English breakfast.

"I didn't quite catch that" I said, mixing the batter.

"Not for you to hear"


Samiel just ignored me and I went back to making my waffles.

"Can you make Elioth one?" she asked and I nodded, making one for him as well. "How long will that take?

"A few minutes"

"Okay" she whispered, going back to her own cooking.

The smell of the waffles clashed with the mountain of food Samiel was cooking; bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, beans and tomatoes. Who in their right mind would want to eat that? She plated it all up once she was finished and I flipped a couple waffles onto a smaller plate, drizzling maple syrup over them.

"Thanks" she whispered, putting it on a tray with the rest of the food.

She glanced at me before quickly looking away. Her eyes looked almost pained. I felt my eyebrow arch up towards my hairline.

"You okay?"

"Yes" she mumbled, picking up the tray and heading back to Eli’s room.

I took my own waffles back to my room, nibbling at them while I got a few paints ready. For some reason I felt like painting my fiancé. Ex-fiancé, whatever you want to call here. I hadn’t been lying when I’d said Samiel reminded me of her.

The End

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