Maybe You ShouldMature

I painted maybe three memories before I was disturbed. The sound of padding footsteps and the rattling of windows crept in through my doorway, breaking my concentration. I put down my paintbrush, wandering into the living room. I was met with the sight of Samiel in a shirt that only just covered her. She started banging on one of the windows and I arched an eyebrow.

"Where am I? Let me out" she sobbed, still banging on the window.


She spun around to face me, her eyes almost childlike with fright. "Who are you? Where am I? Please let me go"

A confused expression snuck onto my face as she slid down the wall to the floor.

"Father said I shouldn't mess with strangers. Why am I here?"


"Yes, strangers like Uncle Albert who snuck into my room at night. I told Father and he killed Uncle Albert and now, Fathers going to hang"

"Who's Uncle Albert?"

"He's mama's cousin. Why am I here? Please let me go. I promise I won't tell"

"Won't tell what? Samiel, what the fuck?"

"Why are you angry?" she sobbed.

I glanced at the corner of the room, feeling the mood instantly darken. Standing there casually was Death.

"This happens a lot recently.... It’s probably cause of her telepathy" he said and I shot a glare at him.

He smiled at me. "Nice to see you again" he said with a nod before moving to stand in front of Samiel.

She tried to scramble away but Death put a hand to her head, her eyes losing their childlike innocence. I could sense her anger even before she tried to kick him away but all it did was make him laugh.

"Anyone like to explain what just happened?" I asked.

Samiel looked up at me with wide eyes then blushed. "Oh my gosh, you were here when I destabilised" She gasped.

Death simply made himself at home on the couch.

"That's not an answer. And that's not the first time I've seen you like that"

Samiel looked away, tears forming in her eyes and Death answered in her place.

"She doesn't know what happens either. You had the rare opportunity to meet her four year old self before she was moved and adopted by a new family"

"Wonderful" I said sarcastically.

Samiel turned and glared at me. "It’s not funny" she snapped.

Death chuckled. "Anyway, the only way it can be fixed is for her to finally find someone who’s her opposite. Like me but unfortunately it isn't cause opposites in this scenario will attract"

"Well, good luck with that"

Samiel looked at the floor. "I'm hoping Elioth will be my opposite"

"A mortal would work" Death shrugged.

"Choose another mortal" I almost growled at her.

"No" she snapped.

"And this is where I leave" Death said, vanishing in a burst of ash.

I glared at the ash he left behind. Although, mixing that with a light grey paint could make an exquisite colour.

Samiel shook her head. "He burns my couches but that’s just cause I won't go with him" she said, standing up and pulling her shirt down.

"Maybe you should"

"No, I don't belong with Death" she moved past me, heading for Elioth’s room but hesitated. "Don't speak of this again okay?"

"Oh yeah, because telling Eli that Death stopped by for a visit would go oh so well"

"I meant about the other thing" she mumbled.

"What other thing?" I smirked and she nodded, sneaking back into Elioth’s room.

Oh trust me, Samiel, I’d be telling him...

The End

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