Hmm, this could all turn out to be incredibly handy. It was evident Samiel felt something for me and if I played upon it, perhaps she could soon be out of my life and away from Elioth. Granted I would risk losing Elioth’s trust and perhaps even losing his friendship but it was a risk I was willing to take. I made my way back to mine and Elioth’s apartment, the start of a plan beginning to formulate in my head. I walked through the front door, seeing none other than Samiel and Elioth shirtless on the couch.

"Robin" Elioth choked, sitting up hurriedly.

Samiel blushed, looking guilty

"Not interrupting anything, am I?"

"A bit yeah" Elioth said. "I need the toilet"

And with that, he got up and shut himself in the bathroom.

"You did that on purpose" Samiel snapped and I held up my hands defensively.

"Didn't even know you were here"

Samiel glared and stood up with a stretch, still shirtless. "Well, whatever. Can you leave? I'll feel uncomfortable with you here"

"I have stuff to do"

"So you won't leave"

I chuckled and she blushed, folding her arms across her chest.

"This is uncomfortable"

"You can always put your shirt back on" I said, wandering into the kitchen to make myself a coffee.

Samiel pulled her shirt back on with a nod and I made my way back over, sitting on the couch and pulling out my sketchbook.

"Why do you have a sketchbook?" Samiel asked but I ignored her, starting to draw.

She walked over, trying to catch a glimpse of what it was I was drawing. I hunched over the page, trying to catch the right angle of the curve I was drawing.

"Come on let me see" she asked, leaning in close.

I turned to look at her. "Shush"

Samiel frowned and sat next to me as I turned back to my sketch.

"Guys, I have to go get groceries" Elioth called, emerging from the bathroom. "Sorry,Sammie" he said, kissing her before he left.

I could sense she was panicking but I kept on drawing. That was more important.

"Can you show me?" she asked, making sure there was a decent gap between the two of us.

"When it's done, maybe"

Samiel frowned but waited for me to finish anyway.

"Done? Can I see?" she asked, sitting closer to me.

I let her look at the page. Letting her see it was an extremely personal thing for me. I draw my memories and this particular one happened to be from my childhood. It was a dragonfly, lightly shaded to represent the colour, perched atop a delicate flower. I’d seen it casually fly past on a trip out to the countryside and had followed it for at least an hour on its journey.

"Thats beautiful" Samiel whispered, looking awestruck.

I chuckled and she looked up at me, the awed look still in her eyes. She blinked and looked away with a blush.

"Um.... I wonder why Elioth is taking so long”

I shrugged and she looked back up, swallowing. Without warning, she leant in and kissed me. I kissed back, as I’d planned, and she moved to sit on my lap, pushing my sketchpad away. I looked up at her and she kissed me again, putting more passion into it as she pulled at my shirt. I kissed back a little lazily and her hand slipped down to my crotch, her breathing heavy. I grabbed her wrists and held her hands up so she couldn’t do anything.

"What?" she gasped and I smirked.

"I have stuff to do"

Samiel blushed and pulled away, all of a sudden looking frightened. "I... I don't... I didn't mean to..... I....."

"It's fine"

She looked down.  "Why am I doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Keep.... throwing myself at you. It’s wrong"

I shrugged again.

"Can't you help me even with answers?"

"I can't tell you why you do something, Samiel"

"Then at least tell me why you turn me down. I mean you seem to not want me to be with Elioth and this could be your opportunity to make him dump me"

I chuckled. "Like I said, I have stuff to do"

"What may that be?"

I picked her up, moving her off my lap and headed to my room, knowing she’d follow. I pulled open the small fridge I kept in the corner of the room and bit open a bag of blood. What? I felt like having a snack.

"Robin?" she winced at the scent of blood. "Can I.. uh... have some?"

I nodded, turning my attention to the various paints in front of me. I may be hilariously reach but I still enjoy making a living. Samiel took the bag, draining it almost instantly.

"Don't you at least warm it up? And whats with the paints?"

"I warm it up when I'm hungry. And the paints are earning me some money"

Samiel looked over my shoulder, hugging my waist as I started painting another memory.

"Don't you ever do portraits?"


"Could you portrait me one day? I like collecting art but I've never had one of myself" she murmured, kissing my neck seductively. She stopped almost instantly once she realised what she was doing.


"How much will it be?"

"I'm home" Elioth called, eliciting a sigh from Samiel.

"Tell me later" she said before leaving me to my painting.

As much as I’d like to make some extra money, something tells me I’d stand more chance of getting her away from Elioth.

The End

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